Funny: DeviantArt

  • Generally, anyone and everyone who makes a big enough fool of his or herself that he or she winds up as an entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Some of the most well known examples were the antics of users DivineAngel, TomPreston and Snapesnogger.
  • Any piece of artwork can contain these, intentionally or not.
  • The Llamas.
  • On April 1st, 2015, dA ran a an April Fools joke called Stylus IRL, the joke being that it was a glorified ink pen with the ability to change the color of the ink. Despite the fact that most people quickly figured out it was a joke, they still thought it was a cool idea regardless, and would have actually liked to have had a real version of it.
    • Their April fools jokes manage to be rather hilarious, though they've been gradually toning them down since the year where they ended up taking it way too far in most of the sites opinion. What did they do that resulted in a massive collective Dude, Not Funny! from the site at large? ... Well, one year, the forcefully replaced everyone's avatars with either Team Jacop or Team Edward avatars, with some Lady Gaga avatars thrown in, for the entire day, with no way to change them. The resulting huge Internet Backdraft due to Twilight's immense Hatedom on the site had to have been seen to be believed. As a result, the admins have never done anything like that on any future April Fools days since.