Funny / Deponia

  • The entire attempt to get onto the Organon Cruiser at the beginning, from the launch to landing.
  • Rufus' interactions with practically everyone. He always finds a way to say something hilarious.
  • Rufus mistaking Liebold for someone else. Gets funnier when you step through the time portal beforehand and get a mysterious dialogue with him.
  • The optional death scene in the second game, complete with old-school Sierra-style Restore/Restart/Quit screen.
  • In the prologue for Chaos on Deponia, Rufus sees a button with a dusty display that can change to one of three options that could save him when blown upon. After pressing it, however, nothing seems to happen, causing him to blow off the rest of the dust for answers. It turns out to be an "Eject Goal" button.
  • The pre-Act 3 ballad from Chaos on Deponia ends with a moment that calls to mind the famed lumberjack song from Monty Python's Flying Circus:
    The showdown was imminent
    And if not, I apprehend
    The chorus guys will have to work overtime
    (Huzzah, we'll work... overtime? Wait, what?)
  • One of the later ballads has:
    For three times the Rufus is three times the jab!
    (Huzzah, three times the crap!)
    NO, NO! Dammit! It's jab!...
    • The sincere "my bads" and apologies from the chorus guys makes it even funnier.
  • After all he put Rufus through over the last two games, seeing Cletus at the receiving end of the Humiliation Conga in the third game is both cathartic and hilarious.
  • Near the end of Goodbye Deponia, Rufus has to make an inspirational speech to the Organon army while pretending to be Argus, but accidentally speaks about "that ass" over the microphone, referring to Argus. He manages to turn it into a lead-in to a speech on how every single member of the Organon, himself included, is an ass. And the audience loves it.
  • On a meta note, the special edition of the trilogy comes with Developer's Commentary delivered by Poki Müller-Michaelis on almost every screen. There's a lot of gems:
    • Every time Poki gives commentary on a minigame screen, he makes sure the player understands just how much he loves minigames.
    • If you click on the commentary button during a particularly intense screen, especially by part 3, Poki expresses disbelief that the player is clicking on him instead of playing the game.
    • Sometimes Rufus and Goal will comment on the screens too, as "actors" in the game. Goal constantly complains about not having enough screen-time, while Rufus sounds exactly like the same blowhard he is in the game—but as a meta actor.
    • Late in the third game, after the reveal that Goalie was actually a baby Donna, Poki tries to handwave fan confusion over it, saying that it's explained by the fact that Hermes likes to mess with hair colors. John, another Daedelic developer, pipes up that that doesn't make sense since the cloned "dead" Goal also had ginger hair. Poki tells him to shut up and stop distracting the gamers with these trivial plot points.