Funny: Dennis the Menace

  • Joey kisses Margret's doll's butt.
    • "Don't call me stupid, baby rump kisser!"
  • Dennis' ding-dong ditch on his babysitter and her boyfriend. The babysitter keeps accidentally bumping on her boyfriend's head.
    • Dennis trying to hold his laugh.
  • Mr. Wilson's Chiclet bucktooth.
  • Mr. Wilson telling Dennis, in an eerily nice way, not to embarrass him. He's obviously strangling the back of his neck and rubbed his hair too hard.
    George: (in a sarcastically cheerful mood) Don't embarrass me!
  • This little dialogue:
    Martha: George, take Dennis' suitcase up to the guest room, please.
    George: He's got arms.
    Martha: Don't start, dear.
  • Dennis asks George where he keeps the combination to his safe.
    George: It's in my head.
    Dennis: What's that mean?
    George: It means I know it. I remember it.
    Dennis: What if you forget?
    George: I won't forget. It's a familiar number. I won't forget.
    Dennis: What's that mean?
    George: (getting irritated) It means it's a number I use all the time, so I won't forget!
  • George sprays his nasal spray in his nose. But its full of mouthwash instead, and he screams like his brain is on fire! Then he dunks his head in the water to get the mouthwash out by blowing his nose.
  • Pretty much the entirety of Dennis' time with Switchblade Sam.
    Dennis: I can't shut my mouth because my nose is stuffy.
    Switchblade Sam: SHUT UP!!
    [Dennis is quiet]

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