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Funny: Deep Rising
  • The end of the movie. The monster is destroyed but the survivors are washed up on a deserted island. Next thing they know another monster, by the sound of it is much bigger than the one they faced is near by. Rather than scream and panic, Finnegan just has one thing to say.
    Finnegan: Now What?
  • Joey gets the elevator music stuck in his head and sings it under his breath while they're trying to sneak around. Made a lot funnier because even the mercenaries, who've been smacking him around all evening for annoying them, don't even try to make him stop; it's like they all know how futile it is to try to switch off an Ear Worm on command.
  • Hanover had just threatened Finnegan at gunpoint into dropping his weapon, when the creatures start battering down the corridor's door and deforming its walls in an attempt to break in. Hanover immediately kicks the dropped gun right back to Finnegan.
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