Funny / Death Race

  • "I love this game!"
  • This literal Ass Shove:
    Joe: Yo, Frankie! This is an angry villager with a pitchfork, and it's going' straight up your ass!
    • For those that dont know, that was actually a code word / phrase for "move out of the way, I'm sending 3 rockets to blow up the shipping container in front of you so we can escape... ." but it's still funny
  • "That is one angry homo..."
  • "Somebody's mad right now." Hennessy was indeed mad, unleashing a very out of character profanity laden tirade before mashing her thumb down on the controller that blows up Frank's car. She was much madder to find out that Frank's mechanics had long since, and completely without authorization, removed said bomb, separated the warhead, and left the receiver where they could enjoy watching it impotently click over. Hennessy does get the warhead back, eventually, and is no happier for it.
  • When Joe's navigator mistakenly thinks a sword panel is lit when it's not, causing Joe to proceed ahead without weapons.
    Navigator: Sorry, I thought it was lit.
    Joe: What do you mean, you thought? Man, get the fuck out of my car!
    Navigator: What?
    Joe: I said, get out of my car!
    (Joe kicks him out of the car and he flies right into a steel beam at high velocity)
  • In Death Race 3, Frankenstein's pit crew seem unusually knowledgeable about desert racing... only to admit that they looked it up on Google.