Funny / Death Note The Abridged Series Team Dattebayo

  • After Ryuk's presence has been acknowledged by several people:
    Light: Ryuk, what the hell?! You said no one could see you!
    Ryuk: Well, nobody ever talks to me, so naturally I assumed...
  • Light explains how he is going to hide the Death Note:
    Ryuk: You know, I've been sitting here for hours listen to you talk.
    Light: Wanna know how I plan to hide the Death Note?
    Ryuk: Uh, no?
  • cue to Light going on a needlessly and implausible on how he plans to hide it*
    Ryuk:(to himself in thought) I don't have time for this...wait, what time is it? (checks clock) 18:23 o'clock? Doesn't that mean Naruto is on? Heh heh, Believe It!.
    • And later
    Ryuk: Oh God, is he still talking?
    Light: explains further You get all that, Ryuk?
    Ryuk: I'm sure whatever you just said to me will become important for later episodes.
  • The Take That! to 4Kids Entertainment:
    Raye: We're here to censor you. American kids can't handle all this killing. Let's see take out all the killings, rework the plot (that goes without saying), insert some friendship speeches...
  • The running gags on L's quirky habits:
    Matsuda: Dude, what's your problem?
    L: I have diabetes.
    Matsuda: Then maybe you shouldn't use that much sugar...
    L: Excuse me, WHICH one of us has diabetes?!
    • and:
    Light: Why are you sitting like that?
    L: I have scoliosis.
    Light: Ever think maybe it's because you sit like that?
  • Light is invited to taskforce headquarters:
    Matsuda: Heh, look at him, pretending not to be Kira. He's probably trying to kill me with his mind, right now.
  • "Attention, faggot: My Mustache is telling you to shut your f*cking mouth!"
  • "We're out of cake."
  • Light admits that he "could" be Kira:
    Souichiro: Light, for being Kira, and squandering our family's reputation, you' re grounded, mister!
    Light: I suppose it can't be helped. I don't even deserve to be called a "Yagami"...
    Souichiro: Damn straight, you don't!
  • Confinement:
    Light: Ryuuzaki! You've got to let me out of here!
    L: You've only been in there for twenty-five minutes.
    • and:
    L: Hey Light, you all right? We remembered to feed him, right guys?
  • When L is fed up dealing with the people around him:
    L: *thinking* I'm surrounded by complete morons!
  • Light and L are chained together:
    Misa: Wait, you like this don't you! My boyfriend is GAY!
  • Ryuk's Spaceland T-shirt.
  • After Light's mother asks him if he wants dinner
    Sayu: Ooh, I know! You could take one of my potato chips...and eat it!
  • In episode 14, before and during the chain fist fight:
    L: *sigh* Last night.
    Light: What was that?
    L: Oh, yeah. Just pretend you don't know!
    Light: Y-you see, this is the problem! You don't open up for me.
    L: Everytime I do open up for you, you hurt me.
  • After Light punches L across the room, we have this little gem:
    Light: I'm sick of this emo attitude of yours! Why don't you just go cry to your parents!? OH, WAIT! YOU DON'T HAVE ANY PARENTS, DO YOU!?
    • It might be even funnier, if you know that in the real series, L is an orphan.
  • From the Christmas Comment Special:
    Watari: (offscreen) L! I got you all the Fruits Basket episodes on VHS, like you begged me for.
    L: Aw, fuck yeah!
    Light: *singsong* Gayyyyy...
    L: Oh, I'm gay? Why don't you try spelling your last name backwards?
    Light: Hmm... "Yagami". I'm... a... ga- (beat) Oh, you son of of bitch!
    • And just earlier:
    Light: Hey isn't my father supposed to be reading these with me?
    -Cue Ambulance Driving away-
    Sorichiro: Fucking MATSUDA!!!!
  • The theater scene in Episode 8.
  • Sorichiro tries to kill Light… over a chicken sandwich.
    • Instead of it being a blank, the real reason Sorichiro doesn't end up killing him is because he missed.
    Sorichiro: What kind of cop am I? I can't even shoot my own son in the face at point-blank range.
    Light: That's okay, dad. The important thing is that you tried.
  • Light's dysfunctional family during Thanksgiving.
    Light's mother: Honey, you're finally home!
    Sorichiro: I want a divorce.
    • And what Ryuk says afterward.
    Ryuk: Dude, no wonder you have so many problems.
    Light:(with crazy eyes) What problems?