Funny / Deadly Rooms of Death

DROD, being the series it is, is rather prone to some rather hilarious moments.

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  • The sound of dying. Beethro lets out an understandable shout, while in TCB, the Negotiator lets out a hilariously girly shriek. Even more amusing is Beethro's death sound all the way back in Architect's Edition, which somehow sounds even more ridiculous than either of those.
  • King Dugan, in spite of becoming a big villain, is hilarious. Especially given his mannerisms and how he demands that there will be none of anything in his throne room unless he says so. Not even the turning is exempt from this, according to him.

    King Dugan's Dungeon 
  • In the ending, the advice that the 'Neather gives upon his death. While it starts out coherent, it starts getting worse and worse, to the point where Beethro apparently deliberately stops listening to him at one point.

    Journey to Rooted Hold 
  • On Level 1, you're introduced to the Slayer for the first time, and it becomes very clear that 39th Slayer in particular has a... particularly large ego. Beethro, however, has none of his badass boasting, giving this gem of a retort:
    Beethro: You talk too much.

    The City Beneath 
  • At the start of the game, you find yourself at the start of, well, the City Beneath. According to the opening screen, Beethro has been travelling on a long path for nearly months, and would rather not cross it again. Doesn't mean you can't move him in that direction, though. He blatantly refuses to go back, however.
    • Even funnier, though, is in the DROD 5.0 Engine update, you actually complete a challenge for accomplishing this.
  • In the City (2N1E), you can encounter a nameless citizen who's upset because he doesn't have a name. Beethro then makes the claim that he can give him one; he just has to use syllables from the job he likes best, his favorite vegetable, and his favorite school subject. The result? ''Tarluke Mudwrit''.
    • Even better is just north are two gossipers, who claim they heard someone's been giving out names... And then apply the numbering system of the Beneath to his name, making him 1st Tarluke Mudwrit.