Funny / Dead Snow

  • As the zombies attack the cabin, one of the students prepares a molotov cocktail to throw out a window and failing.
  • Near the end one of the students gets bitten on his arm and cuts it off to stop himself from becoming a zombie. That goes well... until he gets attacked again.
  • Straight after a very brilliant fight scene with two guys going against a group of zombies and winning this happens.
  • Vegard spends the entire movie kicking ass and being a badass. He then gets caught off guard and stabbed multiple times. It's a dark and ominous moment for the heroes...until the Nazi zombie all pull out their knives in a synchronized pose.
  • Earlier in the film, a zombie tries to bite Vegard, who is wearing a heavy winter coat, on the arm. The zombie comes away with a only mouthful of feathers from the jacket's stuffing.