Funny: Dead Snow

  • As the zombies attack the cabin, one of the students prepares a molotov cocktail to throw out a window and failing.
  • Near the end one of the students gets bitten on his arm and cuts it off to stop himself from becoming a zombie. That goes well... until he gets attacked again.
  • Straight after a very brilliant fight scene with two guys going against a group of zombies and winning this happens.
  • Vegard spends the entire movie kicking ass and being a badass. He then gets caught off guard and stabbed multiple times. It's a dark and ominous moment for the heroes...until the Nazi zombie all pull out their knives in a synchronized pose.
  • Earlier in the film, a zombie tries to bite Vegard, who is wearing a heavy winter coat, on the arm. The zombie comes away with a only mouthful of feathers from the jacket's stuffing.
  • The sequel ramps up the Black Comedy, but the crowning example comes at the end when Martin reanimates his dead girlfriend and they have sex in the back of his car.
  • The scene where the zombie Nazi surgeon patches up the wounded troops. Since they're all zombies, this "treatment" consists of stuffing one zombie's guts full of straw, and sticking on a plunger to replace a missing leg.
  • The Nazi zombies using a man's intestines as a makeshift hose to drain a gas tank.