Funny / Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives having been on the air for as long as it has had featured many funny moments. This list will be intended to go in chronological order as best as possible.

  • During the Dimera/Brady history storyline, Dimera Henchmen Doctor Rolph returned even though in his last appearance he was crushed by a crate. Bart asked him "Didn't you die?". Rolph shrugs it off with "It didn't stick."
  • During one of many Brady vs Dimera confrontations, Andre managed to fall from a building. Bo Brady went back to the pub to tell his allies "We've got a problem, Andre fell off the roof".
  • When Sami, Gabi and Kate had thought they had killed Nick Fallon, EJ provided a lot of humor as he made Sami take him through the steps of everything they did with him practically face palming at all the mistakes.
    • Another bit of humor from this storyline came from the guy who saved Nick from the river was Percy, a bird watcher. He always introduced himself with a chipper "Greetings!". Sami, Kate and Gabi took to calling him "Mr. Greetings" much to EJ's annoyance and insisting they all stop that. Eventually EJ does it himself and has a "great now I'm doing it" moment.
  • Once Will and Sonny had Johnny and Allie over while playing a board game, Johnny accused Allie of cheating and after a joke Johnny says you know who really cheats? The Creepy Child of the show at the time, Ciara. Will and Sonny both looked at one another and agreed "I buy that."
  • Regular recurring character Anne Milbauer once said "I googled I hate Jennifer Horton and got over a thousand results".
  • When Andre returned from the dead once again he revealed himself to the town at the Brady Pub, at first everyone looks silent until Marlena slowly spoke up, "....Tony?". Unfortunately for them the answer came with "Andre, Tony's still dead."
  • Clyde Weston and Orpheus being a bizarre team up provided some. Namely Clyde going on a southern-style rant about everything going on while Orpheus ignores him the whole time working on a crossword puzzle.
  • Orpheus as a villain who has been Back from the Dead more than once had been "killed" again. As a paramedic pronounced him dead, Steve told him to "Check again!"
  • During the Greek storyline, Nicole thought she had finally escaped Xander's clutches and gone to a police officer for help in rescuing Eric. So with Nicole by his side the officer barges right in and asks Xander if he's been doing all these terrible things to the lady. Xander calmly tells him "Yes I most certainly am." Of course this cop was one of many on Xander's payroll.
  • Lucas Horton's return to alcohol in 2017 has provided plenty of funny. Among such examples where he was having problems pronouncing the word "cuckold" as "cuckooed". He also swore he was fine and did a pure face plant after getting up from the bar.
  • Hattie Addams and Bonnie Lockhart had been impersonating Marlena and Adrienne respectively. When Anjelica Deveraux died in a struggle between her and Bonnie, Bonnie told Hattie to give her those "chest compression" things. Hattie tells her "that's CPR and I'm not a doctor I just play one in Salem." Mind you Hattie is being played by Deidre Hall the same actress who plays Dr. Marlena Evans one of the shows most famous doctors.
    • Continuing on where this lead, Hattie framed Lucas Horton by leaving her dead body in bed with him. While trying to figure things out with Chloe Lane she mused "So Anjelica tried to stick it to Adrienne by having you stick it to her." Lucas responded "I think she got the short end of the stick."
  • Brady walked in on the sham wedding between Victor and Bonnie (pretending to be Adrienne) in which Victor summed up the whole insane storyline with "Me and Maggie got a quick divorce so that the maid can marry me and Adrienne". Brady does a double take and admits he hasn't had a drink yet today before Victor orders him to shut up and stay there as the witness.