Funny / Dawn of the Dead (2004)

  • Glen torturing the locked up Mall Cops...with the story of how he discovered his sexuality.
  • This exchange:
    C.J.: These are all your problems, not mine.
    Kenneth: If I put my foot up your ass, would that be your problem?
  • Kenneth and Andy exchanging messages via sign-board:
  • In the DVD extra scenes featuring Andy's video log, he feels guilty over taking part in the game where they shoot zombies who look like celebrities. Not for taking part, but for shooting "Burt Reynolds".
    • Plus the celebrity-shooting scene itself.
    • And Ana's wry reaction to Kenneth, Steve, Terry, Tucker, CJ, and Andy finding such amusement in it.
    "You guys had rough childhoods, didn't you? A little bit rocky?"
  • The banter between CJ and Ana when she's asking to bandage Kenneth's arm.
    CJ: What are you? A fucking doctor?
  • CJ passes time in jail by reading an article on the Top 10 qualities of a successful relationship. When he's trying to persuade Kenneth to give him a weapon to fight zombies, he says "Trust: important quality in a successful relationship".
  • The one zombie in the parking lot getting hit in the head by Steve's golf ball and just falling over.
  • During the climax of the film, as the mall is being overrun by the dead, the cast escapes via the elevator. Mood Whiplash is in full effect here since elevator music is playing as they're making their way down to the parking lot. CJ's line is the capper for this scene, though.
    CJ: I like this song.
  • The mall's coffee shop is named Hallowed Grounds.
  • CJ takes the irony of his Heroic Sacrifice in stride.
    Fucking figures.
  • The montage after the death of Frank, set to Richard Cheese's cover of "Down with the Sickness". 'Nuff said.