The Cracked Actor cracks us up...

* In the studio footage of his special concert for ''The Midnight Special'' in 1973, he suffers a WardrobeMalfunction (safe for work) and soldiers on regardless...complete with a new lyric for "Time"! (Relevant part starts around 1:45.)
* "Boys Keep Swinging", from 1979's ''Music/{{Lodger}}'', is a cheerfully {{Camp}} song as it is, but it became three kinds of fun and funny via visualization...
** The [[ promo clip]], where his [[SelfBackingVocalist backup singers]] steal the show...
** The [[ performance]] on ''The Kenny Everett Video Show'' that leads into a brief skit with the host's "Angry of Mayfair" character...
** The ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' performance in which a little ChromaKey magic places his head on a dancing puppet body -- more funny-surreal than funny-ha-ha, but still!
*** The best part about this performance was the fact that although the network censored out the line "Other boys check you out," Bowie managed to [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar slip a giant dildo]] coming out of the puppet's pants [[CensorDecoy past the radar.]]
** And then there's the lyrics, which describe the advantages of being a boy. Although the song makes a serious point, song of the things Bowie mentions are either so [[MundaneMadeAwesome mundane]] ("You can buy a home of your own! Learn to drive and everything!") or off-the-wall random ("They'll never clone ya!") that they become hilarious in context (or lack thereof). Bowie's LargeHam delivery helps too.
* His really-a-ShortFilm-at-20-minutes ''[[ Jazzin' for Blue Jean]]'' may not be as famous as Music/MichaelJackson's much-ballyhooed longer clips, but it sure is funnier. Bowie plays two roles -- one is {{Adorkable}}, one is sheer AdamWesting. Highlights include:
** Vic deciding not to wear a "[[Music/FrankieGoesToHollywood Frankie]] Say Relax" T-shirt because "I'm not advertising Frankie until they tell us [[Main/IAmNotShazam who he is]]."
** Screamin' Lord Byron cowering in a corner after Vic literally drops in on him in his dressing room. "Pleasegoaway!"
** The ending, in which [[spoiler: Bowie breaks character to complain to the director about the girl going off with "Mr. Screamin'"; the argument gradually degenerates into Bowie complaining that he's weary, hungry, and whatnot...]].
* The video for [[ "Absolute Beginners"]] - Bowie spends almost eight minutes in a quest for a packet of cigarettes. 0:23-0:33 is worth it for his facial reactions alone.
* This crosses over with {{Narm}}, but the music video for Bowie and [[Music/TheRollingStones Mick Jagger's]] cover of "[[ Dancing in the Street]]" is actually funnier if you watch it with the sound off. Or replaced with [[ "Cotton-Eyed Joe".]]
* From the 1999 Comic Relief telethon, [[ "Requiem for a Laughing Gnome"]].
* His ''Late Night with Creator/ConanOBrien'' appearances were always fun-filled. A [[ tribute to Bowie]] in the wake of his death gives a good summary:
** 1997 had Bowie claim he used to hang out Music/ElvisPresley on their birthdays.[[note]]They were both born on January 8th.[[/note]] Conan then proceeds to embarrass Bowie about his less successful characters, topped off with Bowie's Corn-on-the-Cob period.
** 1999 had him pressured into singing a pro-Conan song ("There are many talk show hosts/But he is clearly better than most") that "thankfully" ended when the G-string on Conan's guitar broke ("you've... burst [[DoubleEntendre your g-string]]").
** 2002 included a Bowie-style rendition of "Hickory Dickory Dock"; He also revealed several "Celebrity Secrets": he lied when he said "It's great to be in Cincinnati!" at one concert, and lives in denial that, before all his reinventions, he was an overweight Korean woman. Also:
-->"You would think that a rock star being married to a supermodel would be one of the greatest things in the world. It is."
** The above overlaps with HeartwarmingInHindsight and Tearjerker when at the time of his passing, he and Iman were married for 23 years.
* From a 2002 Berlin show, he gives the [[ Brecht/Weill standard "Alabama Song"]] just the right touch of lechery in the climactic verse as he goes hunting for that "little girl" he soooooo desperately needs...
* From the concert video ''A Reality Tour'', filmed in 2003 when he was 56, this line that follows up the performance of "Never Get Old":
--> "Oh, that's a lie, but it's only a little lie!"
* Crossing over with Live Action [=TV=], his appearance on ''Series/{{Extras}}'': [[ "Little fat man who sold his soul...."]]
* [[ This interview clip]] is called "David Bowie Gets Distracted" (by a pair of sunglasses). Turns out he has a gift for prop comedy too...
* [[ This]] anecdote from the early days of pre-fame Ziggy Stardust touring.
-->Well, backstage one night I was desperate to use the bathroom. I was dressed in my full, battle finery of Tokyo-spaceboy and a pair of shoes high enough that it induced nose bleeds. I went up to the promoter—actually I tottered over to the promoter—and I asked, "Could you please tell me where the lavatory is?"\\
And he said, "Yeah, look down that corridor. On the far end of that wall. You see that sink? There you go."\\
I said, "[[BritishStuffiness My good man, I'm not taking a piss in the sink]]."\\
He said, "Listen son, if it's good enough for Music/ShirleyBassey, it's good enough for you."
* One interview ([[ starts at about 0:32]]) has him mocking both himself and his critics when asked about "virtual reincarnation", with a hilarious put-on accent to boot.
--> "Oh, I'm the chameleon of rock, you know. Self-reinvention is my middle name. Because you know my motto: 'ch-ch-ch-ch-changes'."
* Bowie cracking up at the end of "The Laughing Gnome".
* His cameo from ''Film/{{Zoolander}}'' being used for his appearance in the "In Memoriam" segment of the 2016 Academy Awards. Bowie himself would have definitely approved.
* Bowie's cameo in ''Film/TwinPeaksFireWalkWithMe'' is both this with surreal NightmareFuel. And being Bowie, he does such [[LargeHam humor for it]].
** Even with that, the ''way'' he comes in comes off as hilarious, just rushing out of the elevator with a blank stare.