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     Fire Blep and Fire Mlem 
(Note: mild spoilers for the actual games may follow)
  • Fire Blep:
    • Effie:
      "You're going to kiss me? Well...I might break you..."
    • Arthur:
      • The entirety of his segment.
    • Dwyer:
      Dwyer: "Ken? Can I kiss your butt?"
      Ken: "WHAT?!"
      Dwyer: "Please say yes..."
      Ken: "WHAT?!"
    • Velouria
      "My life is full of treasure...oh, like that scrap of paper! This shiny ring, our army of dust bunnies, your butt.
      Jon: WHAT?!
    • Inigo:
      • "Don't tell real name is JOHN Frieda.
    • Odin:
      • His introductory caption reads: "I am an old man and a foof."
      • "I will confess who I really am." "Here are the secrets" "I am your nightlight." (cut to Odin as a nightlight switching on and off in someone's bedroom) "I am on...I am!"
    • Gunter:
    • Anna:
    • Forrest:
      • Forrest acting like a stereotypical SJW.
      • "You and I are Roy. You and I are royal blue most of all. You and I are naked."
      Roy: Oh..."
    • Charlotte:
      • Charlotte burping.
    • Ophelia:
      • "What I value above all else is the sight of your grandmother, who was the very portrait of beauty and charm..."
      • "Our love is so powerful IT CAN BLOCK B.O. FOR 16 HOURS! YEE! Our love is soap. I will use it when I achieve service." (Ophelia turns to look at a phone but gets no service.)
    • Jakob:
      • "You are an egg. I couldn't ask for butter."
    • Camilla:
      • Her name in the caption box has been replaced by "Boobs", and when the scene cuts to Camilla herself:
      Camilla: Close your eyes.
      (The scene fades to black as the camera starts to pan down to her chest, to the audible displeasure of an unseen mostly male audience)
  • "Fire Mlem"
    • Saizo:
      • "Caw caw!"
    • Azama:
      • "I'm sorry that you're totally wrong about everything." (cue MLG style breakdown)
    • Mozu:
      "I never f—-ing thought I'd have a f—-king family again! I f—-ing love you!"
      (color bars)
      Dathings1: (from channel trailer) "I try to make my videos clean..."
    • Scarlet:
      • "I've got my eye on you. I like the way you f-" (cut to "Technical difficulties screen featuring flustered Marth and Lucina) "-ight."
    • Kaze:
      • "My life finally has that you're my waifu." (begins looking at memes on Corrin/Kamui's phone) "Lol, nice meme...OMG, I love memes....this meme makes me feel....dank....a dangerous emotion for a ninja."
    • Asugi:
      Asugi: "Sorry, lost in thought about how I gotta get some sweet treats. ''Snacks...cupcakes...candy...chocolate...sugar-"
      Wilford Brimley: "Asugi, I'm Wilford Brimley and I'd like to talk to you for a few minutes about diabeetus."
      Asugi: "I'm not even going to eat any-"
      Wilford Brimley: "I don't care. I truly don't."
    • Hinoka:
    • Reina:
      • Reina wanting to play Fight Danger Battle Combat, a game for the PSTriple rated for early children.
    • Yukimura:
      • Yukimura rage-quitting a memory game.
    • The stingers to both videos.