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Funny: Dark Star
  • Pinback's account of him telling Talby a joke in his video diary.
    • From the same scene, when Boiler asks Doolittle about Talby's first name. Doolittle simply looks up and after a moment asks "What's my first name?"
  • The video log where Doolittle mentioned that the Storage Area that contained the ship's entire supply of toilet paper self-destructed.
  • The whole sequence with Pinback fighting his alien pet and getting stuck in an elevator.
  • The ending, where Talby is whisked away by the Phoenix Asteroids and Doolittle surfs into the planet's atmosphere.
    • Also the already-dead skipper, still intact inside his block of ice. "He always was lucky!"
  • "Bomb, this is Doolittle! You are not to detonate, repeat, you are not to detonate in the bomb bay! Disarm yourself! This is an order!"
  • Any scene with Bomb No. 20, especially this exchange:
    Bomb #20: Intriguing. I wish I had more time to discuss this.
    Doolittle: Why don't you have more time?!
    Bomb #20: Because I must explode in 75 seconds.

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