!!!The Games
* Felicia can sit on top of everyone head, allowing for some bizarre reactions from the fighters.
* Lord Raptor's Hell Dunk attack. Its crazy enough that Lord Raptor has a heavy metal zombie motif going on, but he can even turn you into a basketball and ''style on you.''
* Anakaris' Pharaoh's Curse, which can turn even the most badass warrior into a RidiculouslyCuteCritter.
* When fighting a female fighter, Huitzil's introduction has [[TagalongKid Cecil]] blush and open his arms to her before Hutzil silently grabs him by the back of his shirt and places him out of the way.

* Lord Raptor in conversation with his agent:
--> '''Agent''': Raptor, baby, you need a gimmick!
--> '''Raptor''': A gimmick? A ''gimmick!?'' '''''How many bleedin' zombies play rock?!'''''
--> '''Agent''': (utterly deadpan) You'd be surprised.

* "All hail the imperial... Pudding! There are lizards in my pants!"
* Lord Raptorīs PissTakeRap from the eleventh episode [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdO-yO-bfrU It has to be seen to be believed.]]
* The RunningGag of people mentioning that Rikuo is oddly attractive for a fishman, to the point that he lampshades it in the final episode.

* "Beelzebub's bollocks! Where'd those things come from!?" An Aensland noble's comment upon seeing the Phobos for the first time.