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  • In Sapphire Stone, Daring's encounter with Ahuizotl's ferocious felines, including a tiger, a panther, a cheetah, a bobcat... and a cute white kitten.
  • In order to give Daring time to recover the Goblet, Storm Talon and Platinius distract a large cadre of Night Wings by pretending to be pirates.
    Platinius: I can't believe that worked.
    Storm Talon: I told you, the enmity between pirate and ninja runs pretty bucking deep.
    • This joke is revisited in Cove Of Candles when, on Short Stuff's insistance, she and the Swinndell sisters try sneaking past the pirates as ninjas. It doesn't go as well, but works anyway because the pirates end up distracted by their debate on whether or not real-life ninjas go "Nin nin nin" and if turtles would make good ninjas.
  • In Curse of the Yeti, during the Yeti's attack on the University orchestrated by Ahuizotl's minions, Ahuizotl puts Daring in his most fiendish trap yet: the University staff room's filthy refrigerator. Made all the better by Daring's real and legitimate terror at being literally Stuffed into the Fridge:
    Daring: NO! Please! Not the fridge! Not the fridge, it's disgusting! Please Ahuizotl, I'm begging you, if Celestia gave you an ounce of mercy, put me in any death trap you want, but please don't put me in that fridge!!!
    • Earlier, when Daring and Herpy attempt to hide from said attack in the University's geology lab. After a brief cutaway to Tabula and Rayback, the plot returns to the lab, and Daring checks the door to see if the coast is clear. It isn't, but:
      Daring: Herpy, when I say run, run.
      Herpy: Have you thought up some clever plan, Professor?
      Daring: Yes, Herpy, I believe I have.
      Herpy: What are you going to do?
      Daring: Buck a rock at it.
    • As the previous/subsequent moment indicates, this one didn't end well.
    • Ghoul Dachshund's reaction to seeing Ahuizotl for the first time is priceless.
      Ghoul: Some might say that seeing a huge mythological monster with bug-eyes and a hand on it's tail is probably a good reason to stop drinking. I say it's a darn good reason to keep drinking.
  • Daring one-upping Herpy at his own job in The Wooden Mask.
    Herpy: Is she trying to make me look like an idiot?
    Calypso: AWWK! Too late! AWWK!
    • Daring's behavior around Desert Rose, after experiencing the Eyes of Fatima personally.
  • As part of their emerging individuality, Gardens of Equestria contained more scenes where Dr. Caballeron’s henchponies showed off their personality. Each of them got a personal crowning moment:
    • Rough Stuff’s came when they first entered the garden. Rough Stuff began to wax philosophical about plants and the earth and earth pony magic and the interconnectedness of nature, going on for about a page and a half, only to glance at the other three and discover they’ve been using the pause to have tea.
    Rough Stuff: Have you even been listening to me?
    Snazzy Shades: [buttering a slice of toast] You were talking?
    • Snazzy Shades’s came when the four of them were trying to solve a plant-related puzzle and Dr. Caballeron had to relate the story of Narcissus to them. Snazzy Shades spends most of the story admiring his reflection in a nearby pond… until the part where Narcissus stabs himself in the heart. Then Snazzy Shades screams and clutches his chest.
    Snazzy Shades: What did he do that for?!
    Dr. Caballeron: Um… because he realized he could never love anypony more than himself.
    Snazzy Shades: And so he marred his beautiful coat with his own blood? Why? Why would he hurt the one he loves? Why?
    Dr. Caballeron: Okay, maybe he didn’t do that. Some versions claimed he just kept staring at his reflection. Forever.
    Snazzy Shades: Oh, good. [goes back to looking at his reflection] How wonderful for him. To spend an eternity with the one he loves…
    Interrobang: And then he died of starvation.
    Snazzy Shades: [dreamily] …and stepped straight from heaven on earth to heaven in… heaven…
    [Interrobang grabs his tail and drags him away from the pond]
    Snazzy Shades: No! Stop! I wasn’t finished yet!
    • And as for Interrobang… while the fire that ravages the garden is mostly Played for Drama, it was caused by Interrobang’s comical and desperate attempts to burn a vine that kinda looked like a snake to death. The Gardener was not happy.
  • The entire chase through the Shanghay marketplace in Cove of Candles between Daring, Short Stuff, Miss Starlight, Swinn and Dell, and the Hoofstapo agents. The entire scene, from Daring outwitting her pursuers by hiding among the street vendors, to Short Stuff being chased by a burning, exploding fireworks cart, to Starlight commandeering Swinn and Dell's motorized wagon and using it to turn the tables on her chasers, to Swinn and Dell repeatedly hitting the same agent by accident with a heavy kettle (and always apologizing to him), is pure comedy gold.
    • Also is Ahizotl's reaction to Short Stuff biting his tail-hand;
      What came out of Ahuizotl's mouth was not so much a cry of pain but a sonic explosion; A rapidly-expanding sphere of sound whose range soon covered all of Equestria. Birds in the Everfree Forest suddenly flew away from their perch. In her orbiting prison, Nightmare Moon wondered, "What the hay is that noise?"
    • From the same book, the scene where Swinn and Dell try their usual con-games on Starlight, who claimed earlier that she was un-scam-able.
      Starlight: You two must really think I'm a moron, don't you?
      Swinn and Dell: Yes.
    • While in Shanghay, one of Blackmane's minions introduces the Squad of Mooks sent to kill Daring: a fully-outfitted barbershop quarter that begin singing Candle on the Water as their introduction. Made even better by the fact that, while Daring and company are staring in dumbfounded silence, with no reason or prompting whatsoever, Starlight (who visibly Squees upon seeing the quartet) immediately joins the song.
    • This Getting Crap Past the Radar scene in Cove of Candles, particularly if you know a certain word that rhymes with "Mastication..."
    Daring: I have trouble with words that sound alike.
    Dell: Me too! I used to think %^&*@!&^$#%&!^ meant chewing your food!
    (All stare in stunned silence)
    Dell: I... don't anymore...
    Daring: ...Let's just keep moving.
    Swinn: (To Dell) How do you eat?
  • This gem from ‘’Trident of the Seaponies’’. While waiting for Dr. Caballeron to come back with a submarine, his three henchponies spot a member of the royal guard and are trying to hide from him in a seaside trinket shop.
    ’’’Royal Guard:’’’ What do you think you’re doing?
    Interrobang: I’m… holding up this vase, of course. What does it look like I’m doing?
    Royal Guard: I see. So you normally hold vases right next to your head when guards walk by?
    Interrobang: Well, I’m obviously not stealing the vase, okay? Why would I steal this vase? It’s cheap and badly painted! Seriously, why would I steal it?
    Royal Guard: …I didn’t say anything about stealing it. You did.
    Interrobang: Ulp… b-but why ‘’would’’ I steal it? I just said… l-look, actually, I’m, uh, hired to hold this vase up. To display store wares.
    Royal Guard: You’re trying to tell me you were hired to hold that vase in front of your head?
    Interrobang: What can I say… Mr., uh, Knick-Knacks is a really eccentric guy.
  • At one point in Temple of Nightmare Moon, Professor Storm Talon gets so mad he drops such a massive multilingual Cluster B Bomb that Daring claims he just used every swear word known in Equestria. When he realizes he'll start repeating himself, he proceeds to make new ones just to keep cursing.
    • It becomes a Brick Joke later when Daring finds out he proceeded to invent a new language just so he could make up new obscenities.
      • Herpy proceeds to note that Professor Storm Talon may have made history as the first inventor of a language for that specific purpose.
        Herpy: Isn't this exciting, Daring? We're witnessing history in the making!
    • Bonus points: Daring uses it as her own personal code in several important correspondence.
      Random pony overhearing Daring reading aloud: Excuse me, but why do you sound like you're swearing in griffon?
    • It loses some of its charm when you find out just what Nagridge said to provoke that level of obsession.
    • Diamond Dog commander Moonbarker's epic Oh Horseapples when he realizes that Super Serum or no Super Serum, he and what's left of his horde are helpless against Laurentia of the Red Mane.
    • Even Sebastius Mareton gets in on the action: he has very high propensity for Non-Sequitur Thuds when injured, usually referencing an unknown pony named Marv. For example, during Temple of Nightmare Moon:
      Mareton: (After having several ribs broken by Bravado) Deal the cards, Marv! Shut up and deal the cards!
      • From Temple of Nightmare Moon, which Mareton shakes off quickly before his escape:
        Mareton: (After being hit with a chair by Platinius) Gilligan! Where's the coconuts?
      • Again from Temple of Nightmare Moon:
        Mareton: (After being punched in the teeth by Storm Talon) Marv? Why does my mouth taste like paaaaiiiiin?
      • After Mrs. Jumbo catches him tresspassing in Legacy Of Nightmare Moon:
      • When he and Caballeron find themselves at cross purposes in Ring of Destiny, Caballeron bucks him in the muzzle.
        Mareton: Why's that windowpane swearing, Marv?
      • YMMV. Many believe these Non-Sequitur Thuds were done in order to make the Mareton of Alicorn's Shadow Lighter and Softer.
      • A series encyclopedia reveals that 'Marv' used to be Mareton's partner, up until an argument broke out over scrabble. Marv's tombstone reads "Abriviations Do Not Count". Still no word on who 'Gilligan' is, though.
    • Early on in Temple of Nightmare Moon, Professor Nagridge needs to get Daring out of the way, so she makes a move to plant blackmail material on her. Page and Header help Nagridge, but while doing so, they get into one of their discussions on mythological fights, this time between Nightmare Moon and Tirek. Nagridge tells them to shut up... and that Nightmare Moon needed the more powerful artifact to be defeated.
    • During Daring's conversation with Platinus, Darrin tries to flirt with Silvia which we, following Daring's viewpoint, hear snippets of. It's surprisingly awkward, offbeat and weird.
      • What makes this funnier? It actually seems to work somewhat, at least to the extent that she seems genuinely charmed, before Hawkwings notices it.
  • In Legacy of Nightmare Moon, Herpy suggests he and Daring seal themselves inside a fridge to protect themselves against a massive explosion. Daring says she will criticize and point out how stupid that idea is if they survive.
    • They do survive. She then proceeds to do exactly that.
      • Extra points for the fact that Daring spends so much time staring incredulously at him for that suggestion (presumably hoping that he wasn't being serious), she loses any chance of coming up with another plan.
    • Yes, the one time Daring couldn't undo a trap with her hat was a rather dark moment, but you have to appreciate this line.
      Daring Do: Well, my hat didn't work this time, unlike the last five times we've done this.
    • After Daring delivers her badass line to Inti, - "Prepare to meet Nightmare Moon! IN TARTARUS!" - Coco's response?
      Coco: I thought she was on the moon.
    • Daring has this really bizarre run-in with a pear vendor in Ponyville. Afterwards?
      Daring: [very nonchalant] That was unusual. Well, Storm Talon won't be here for a while; I think I'll go roll.
  • Ahuizotl and Dug have this gem of a moment in Shrine of the Silver Monkey, upon Rex informing Ahuizotl that Daring vanished while still tied up, and now they can't find her anywhere.
    Ahuizotl: You lost Daring Do. Y-You lo- you lost the- HOW DO YOU LOSE A MARE?!!?
    Dug: You... forget to cherish her?
    Ahuizotl: (Sighs, pinches bridge of his nose with his tail hand) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten... Commandant, while your subordinate's surprising chivalry is appreciated, truly, I will be thanking you not to let him give me that image again.
    • This line from Ghoul, while discussing the Diamond Dogs' weakness for chocolate:
    Daring: Rex and his boys crave the stuff. It's like recovering alcoholics, they crave sugar- no offense, Ghoul.
    Ghoul: Oh, I'm not recovering. (swig)
  • Bravado usually gets one of these whenever he appears. One of the most notable moments occurs in The Staff of Star Swirl the Bearded. Daring brings up the fact that Bravado seems to run into her a lot considering his adventures being unrelated. Bravado agrees that it's strange and says this:
    Bravado: I just assumed that you've been stalking me.
    • Daring's reaction is really what makes this exchange hilarious.
    • Arthur, King of the Trots. Yes, he was only there for one scene, but horseapples, that was hilarious.
      • Especially his argument with Linnet Bird.
        Linnet Bird: Your mother was a parasprite and your father smelt of griffon droppings! Now, get off my property, or I shall taunt you a second time!
    • The entire scene where Linnet stops into the bakery and has a brief interaction with Sweeney. Sweeney is quite rude and snarky to her, so she responds with equal amounts of sarcasm. The Snark-to-Snark Combat is hilarious, though both Sweeney and the reader find it a lot less funny after he finds out she's his daughter.
  • The famous scene early in "Trials of Unity" where a Diamond Dog twirls his machete fancifully to intimidate Daring Do. She responds by throwing a really big rock right into his face.
  • One of the best known scenes in Ring of the Marengeti in which Daring Do, disguised as a flight attendant, managed to buck a Hoofstapo agent straight out of the airship in front of every passenger on board.
    Daring Do: No ticket.
    • Mind you the agent wasn't a Pegasus.
    • Daring is captured by the Hoofstapo and tells them they'll never find Herpy and the secret map.
      Daring Do: Good luck [finding him]! Herpy's got a two day head start on you, which is more than he needs. He's got friends in every town and village from here to Dream Valley, he speaks a dozen languages, knows every local custom, he'll blend in, disappear, you'll never see him again. With any luck, he's got the Ring already.
      Gilligan Cut
      Herpy: (totally lost in a market) Does anyone speak Equestrian? Or maybe zebra or ancient griffon?
  • Any time an antagonist forgets Darrin's name, which prompts him to go off on this tangent about tips on how to remember it better, halting the action mid-scene.
  • Whenever Coco Pie breaks the fourth wall.
    • In one of the expanded universe magazine adventures, she literally BREAKS A FOURTH WALL in the museum and finds herself in the room of a young Unicorn reading the books.
      • The Unicorn's reaction too. She just blinks and then keeps reading all with a completely straight face. (I guess this isn't the first time Coco's done this.)
  • Herpy once argues with Daring and states, "Fine! I'll just go quit and write Daring Do fanfiction!" It gets a Call-Back in a later volume too!
  • Any time Ahuizotl's Embarrassing Nickname is mentioned.
  • Any conversation between Ambassador Hawkwings and Platinius.
    • In particular, this little gem of a line:
      Platinius: Oh Celestia, why are you laughing; it's everywhere!
    • Platinius, to a pony who points out how vastly incompetent Hawkwings is compared to him
      Platinius: Well, it's kind of our shtick. For the love of your Celestia, please ruin it.
    • This was in reference to Hawkwings' showing up to a meeting late, inebriated, and giving a hilarious rendition of "What Do You Do With A Drunken Griffon".
    • At one point, it's suggested to Platinius that they should have Hawkings' brain transplanted, the replacement being a lump of cottage cheese that has become totally solid from age;
      Platinius: That is disgusting, depraved, immoral and would it really work?
  • The Running Gag of Herpy consistently getting Swinn and Dell's names wrong every time they meet. Made all the funnier by Swinn getting consecutively angrier and angrier every time it happens. By the time Ring of the Marengeti takes place, Swinn has to be physically restrained from attacking Herpy by Dell.
  • In The Ring of Destiny, Daring purposely invokes Foe Romance Subtext with this little gem:
    Ahuizotl: The ring, Daring Do! Give it to me!
    Daring: Now, Ahuizotl, you know I love you, but I can't give you the ring 'till I've properly proposed.
    • Rainbow Dash's reaction makes this all the funnier.
    • Rainbow Dash's introduction was hilarious. She makes her presence known by crashing through the roof of the building Daring was in, and landing on the goon Daring was about to fight, knocking him out. Serves as a nice Call-Back to Trials of Unity's famous scene as well. Then during their introductions, we get this exchange.
    Rainbow: I was just thinking that your adventure would be a lot smoother if you had somepony around to do things like buy your groceries, do your laundry, cook your meals...
    Goon: (gets back up) Why you little...
    Rainbow: (punches out goon without looking at him)...mow your lawn, wash your cart and do your taxes! So I came all the way from Ponyville to meet up with you cause I'm like, your biggest fan ever! And now I'm gonna team up with you on this adventure!
    • At the beginning, Storm Talon's reaction when he learns that Noteworthy Smith is dead.
  • Most of the temple booby-traps in Saphire Stone are fairly standard and unremarkable. The one with the crocodiles on the ceiling, on the other hand, is as creative as it is ridiculous.
  • Each and every time Dr. Caballeron tries to use his teammate’s Weapon of Choice, and misuses it horribly, often resulting in Amusing Injuries. Special mention goes to the time he somehow manages to turn Rough Stuff’s Master Weapon into a large black bomb. And then he just stares blankly at it for the few seconds it takes for the fuse to burn down.
  • In Seven-Sided Chest, the Running Gag where Minty Twister cosplays as different character—in minimalist costumes each time, especially her Laurentia and Caballeron costumes.

    Expanded Universe 
  • Ahuizotl's reaction when the Eye of Discord shatters.
  • Ruby of the Blank Village has a carefully concealed moment of Black Comedy involving the flashback to the Sunnytown murders. The two victims after Ruby were, in order, Starlet and Roneo - aside from Mitta, the two most responsible for her getting caught - and their marks are described to be a bloodstained flint knife and an electric iron. So Starlet's talent was sacrificing other ponies, while Roneo's was... irony appreciation. It can take a few reads to pick up on this, especially if you're still traumatized from the first one, but once you do, the implication is darkly hilarious.
  • In The Obsidian Sentinel, Herpy's first conversation with Star Shimmer.
    Herpy: Daring, you won't believe this! I went into this room, 'cause I thought that it was empty, but do you know what I saw?
    Daring: Not right now, Herpy…
    Herpy: Dragon skulls! Tons of them! Do you know what this might mean? This must have been a burial ground for the dragons!
    Star Shimmer: Those are mine.
    Herpy: (flustered) Er, hello! Who are you?
    Daring: Herpy, this is Star Shimmer. She owns this castle.
    Herpy: Oh, uh…you must be very proud of your ancestors, Miss Shimmer! They must have been great dragon hunters!
    Star Shimmer: I collected those skulls. From shops.
    Herpy: Well then, um, there's one on the lower shelf that must have been your first one. It looks so old, it should be in a museum!
    Star Shimmer: I bought that one last week.
    Daring: (facehoof).
  • From Basin of Plenty, Daring tries to talk Cricket with Thunderlane Pie. It's obvious in short order she has no idea what she's talking about.
  • In Coronet of Chaos, Krastos' teleporting tricycle.
    • Count Vryko attempts to throw said tricycle at Krastos's head in one of the stories. The way Krastos teases Vryko is the hilarious part.
    • Everything Stan does in Coronet of Chaos, from his first appearance, to his constant, poorly thought-out attempts at vengeance on Daring. At the end he achieves some sort of retribution when Daring buys him a box of muffins…which are soon knocked into a storm drain by a passing Derring Do.
      Stan: …DERRING DOOOOOO!!
  • In Sultan's Curse, Daring has lost her wings via magic, which have been transferred onto the body of former Earth pony Sebastius Mareton. Towards the end, just before their final confrontation, Mareton begins molting, and his reaction is delightfully out of character.
    Mareton: Without your wings, you're nothing (notices his feathers falling off) but a…weak…grounded…
    (Long Silence.)
    Mareton: (Sudden huge, delighted gasp) I'M SNOWING!
    Daring: What.
    Mareton: I'M SNOWING ME!
    Daring: What…I don't even…Y'know what, keep 'em. I'm going to stand in the corner and mourn your sudden loss of intelligence.
  • The first two chapters of Amethyst Penguin are from Ahuizotl's point of view.
  • During Burning Heart, the team is in the University library, doing research on family trees to confirm Fuergott's claims of being the princess from the Love Poison legend. Bravado, getting bored, starts checking the family trees of the group members.
    Bravado: Hey Storm, take a look at this. Apparently your uncle was one Sharpened Talon, right?
    Storm: Yeah, so?
    Bravado: Well, looking at my family tree, my great-uncle was married to a female griffon with the same name.
    Storm: …Are you trying to tell me that my uncle is your aunt?
    Bravado: It'd certainly seem that way. Wait, Storm! This means we're brothers! I always knew!
    Storm: Or it means you're an idiot who over-analyzes coincidences. Besides, even if it were true, it'd only make us cousins unrelated by blood.
    Bravado: Oh good, that means your sister and I can- (gets punched)
  • Centaur’s Spell has Interrobang so desperate to escape Freaky Kiki that he punctures their own airship, sending them blasting off again.
  • After all is said and done in Fires of Family, Darrin gets reminded of a rant he gave several books ago, and subsequently has to eat his hat.
    • There is a brief Aside involving Ghoul, who is watching Calypso while the Do Family are off on their adventure. Apparently, Ghoul got caught up with Hearth's Warming spirit, and attempts to teach Calypso to cook roasted nuts... in a frying pan.
    Ghoul: (Shaking frying pan over flames) You smell that? That's the smell of pure Hearth's Warming Spirit. (singing Louis Hoofstrong) I see friends shakin- (nut explodes) AGH! ...Singing Howwww do ya do- (nut explodes) BUCK!!
  • In the Blood Diamonds novel Swimming in Red, the whole scene in the bar with Rumble Saddlon and Trench.
    • Also Daring's Lampshade Hanging about how, upon finding the final diamond, this is when some villain busts in and says how she played directly into their hands/hooves/etc. She waits a bit, decides that they must be running late and leaves. Not too much later, Steel Beak busts in, starts monologing, only to realize Daring had already left.
    • And from Worship in Fear, Wou-Ban attempts to break Thunderlane Dappleton by talking. Thunderlane's Shut Up, Hannibull contains a Hurricane of Puns.
      Haymaker: Ba-doom TISH!
  • In Cloudfall Conspiracy, Storm's reaction to learning that Masra left him her porcelain bulldog in her will.
  • Breathing Weapons is one of the darker entries in the series, but it's not without it's humor. Papagei is a sarcastic tour-de-force, especially in comparison to his no-nonsense leader, Krahe.
    Krahe: I must admit, little pony, I'm both impressed and perplexed. I never imagined such a frail thing like you surviving that little altercation with Falke.
    Daring Do: A griffon as slow as her beating me? You thought that'd work? Your head must be as empty as your compliments.
    Papagei: He's really not all that smart. He's just got a good vocabulary. *snickers*
    Krahe: *smacks Papagei* Shut up.
  • In Iron Grinder, one of Daring Do's "tips" for being an adventurer is good places to strike a foe if you're in need of a quick escape. One of these areas is implied to be the crotch.
    Shudder: ~Our trout! In the middle of our stream!~
    Gristle: Hey lady, those things real?
    Daring: Excuse me?!
    Gristle: Those diamonds pokin' outta yer pocket. Ah'm starvin'.
  • In Gunpowder Groove, Arzt laments he never delivered any one-liners during his adventure with Daring.
    Arzt: Y'know, now that I think about it, I'm pretty disappointed I never got to use "the doctor is in".
    Daring: Dear Celestia...
    • Daring finds a film reel in one Dynamite Highs' drawers entitled, "You, Ewe, and I", and reacts with shock and disgust.
    Daring: I'm sorry Dynamite, I don't work with perverts.
    • After the reveal that Dynamite Highs was once a thief, he recalls a botched heist.
    Dynamite Highs: (to an officer) O-oh no! This isn't a robbery, I'm just cleaning out my garage. Because this is where I live.
    Unnamed Stallion: (walks out with a jewelry box) Boy, Highs, I sure do love stealing.
    • And another one.
    Officer: What in Equestria is going on here?!
    Mare: (pelting Highs with garbage) I spent fifty bits on romantic novelties, and this idiot would rather go out stealing with his friends!
    Dynamite Highs: Uh...she doesn't mean stealing stealing. She's from Caneighda, where stealing means respecting and obeying the
  • This moment in Sniffing Out Corruption, from the collection Tales From the War, when Ghoul, in his Intrepid Reporter days, encounters a platoon of soldiers mid-investigation in the dead of night.
    Soldier: HALT! Identify yourself! Friend or Foe?
    Ghoul: Press!
    (The platoon opens fire on Ghoul with extreme prejudice.)
    • Plus, any scene with Editor Overbite, Ghoul's struggling, over-excitable alcoholic of a boss at the newspaper. Specifically, any time his desperate attempts to hold together what little scraps of journalistic integrity he has left crack, and he orders yet another Lurid Tale of Doom to be published, waving a cider bottle and screaming "RUN THAT BABY!!"
    • This scene involving Overbite and Dandelion Miles, Ghoul's rival at the newspaper:
      Overbite: No more, Miles, I'm begging you. Let me leave the office with my dignity intact today.
      Miles: No worries, boss, this won't take a minute. I've written a nice, biased article discussing the war, economy, politics, bad weather, and anything else negative I could fit into three pages. All I need is a snappy, attention-grabbing, money-making, non-offensive title.
      Overbite: (leaps to his hooves with wide, bloodshot eyes) "IT'S CELESTIA'S FAULT!!!!"
      Miles: Perfect, boss, knew I could count on ya.
      Overbite: NOW RUN THAT BABY!!!
  • Falke's angry, Germane swearing in Chemical Sister.
  • After two books of being treated as squick, Eichelhäher's status as a "zombie" finally gets played for laughs in Oathkeepers. One notable scene has her slapping Arzt upside the back of the head, only for her hand to fall off. She then proceeds to blush and giggle like a schoolgirl, while Arzt just stands there, horrified.
    • During the fight with the Buckzi troops, she quite literally blows herself to pieces,, yet her now-disembodied head can still talk (or rather, hark on Daring for coming back to get her).
    Eichelhäher's Head: I told you to leave, but you just had to come back, probably leading us into an obvious trap.
    Daring: This building has fifty stories. Don't make me toss you down the staircase.
    • Similarly, at the end, after a long absence, Herpy shows up at the university. He makes the mistake of asking why Eichelhaher needs her suit. Rather than explain, she simply takes her helmet off. His reaction? He faints.
    • This.
    Arzt: Well of course we would go back for your body parts. After all, you're pretty attached to them!
    Daring: BI
    Herpy: BI
    Eichelhäher: BI
    Arzt: 8D...8I
    Janitor: I hate that guy so much.
  • Count Vryko Lakas attempts sarcasm. It goes just about as well as expected.
    Vryko Lakas: But I have good news for you.
    Daring Do: And what would that be?
    Vryko Lakas: I'm going to let you go.
    Daring Do: ...Really? Thanks. For a moment, I thought you were going to-
    Vryko Lakas: That was sarcasm.
    (Daring stares incredulously at Count Vryko Lakas for a couple of seconds, then proceeds to bash her head against the wall while Vryko Lakas gets a look of confusion.)
    • The hilarity gets furthered when Daring proceeds to drop everything and force a lesson on what exactly is and isn't sarcasm. The whole lesson lasts three pages.
  • In Storm Bravers, Tremor has learned wing language to communicate with his mute sister. The problem is, every once in a while, something will get lost in translation.
    Lucky Eyes: (signing with her wings)
    Tremor: Miss Daring, we know you are a reasonable tomato. If you teach us how to flutter, we can pay you your height in mold. Please, we have too much potempkin to spend the rest of our lives unable to dance right out of our pants...Okay Lucky, after we start flying you're gonna have to work on your signing, cause that didn't make a lick of sense.
    Lucky Eyes:: >8C
  • In Disembodied Voices:
    • The way that Daring deals with Ahuizotl. She boops his nose.
    • The various things Daring does when influenced by the voices. Like:
      • Swearing up a Storm in front of a member of the board.
      • Walking straight into a wall instead of the door
      • Her reaction after absent mindidly taking a swig from something from Ghoul's private collection.
  • In The Solar Salamander, when asked how in the world she's Celestia's daughter, Corona tells Daring Do that Celestia, on holiday in the dragon kingdom, licked too much salt and had a "sleepover" with the King. Herpy's reaction is priceless.
  • In Unknown Country when talking to the Sea Beasts Daring mentions how the name reminds her of the Sea Beast brand novelty aquarium pets and makes a few disparaging remarks about them....only to realize midway through that they are those Sea Beasts whose owner messed around with magic when disappointed in them.
  • In Eternal Insomnia, how does The Wired Mare stay so energetic under the effects of a fatigue curse? She single-handedly keeps Canterlot's struggling coffee-spots in business.
  • After Daring purifies the Smooze in Secrets of Hydia, there is a brief, tense moment when it seems to be staring at her (despite no longer having eyes) with a slowly widening smile. Daring is frantically looking around for an escape route when the Smooze... gives her a sudden, affectionate hug that leaves her lightly coated in green goo. And then it nonchalantly eats her compass.
  • In Mysterious Town one of the dragons is a big Nightmare Moon, and Princess Luna in general, fan.
    It crossed Daring's mind that she probably shouldn't mention that the last time a dragon and Nightmare Moon met it had not ended well. Or it had ended really well dependeing on ones perspective.

    Expanded Universe- Revenant's Effigy/Tinker's Seal/Universal Cracks 
  • Most scenes with Claddie in Revenant's Effigy. His sheer undiluted rage at pretty much everything and over-the-top reactions and threats to anything that inconveniences him, coupled with his thick accent and incapacity to tone down his volume makes almost all of his scenes hilarious. Especially when Swinn and Dell start to mess with him.
    • Every time he tries to downplay what he did, it tends to backfire horribly, creating a mix of hilarity and badassery.
    • Every time Storm Talon and him are in the same scene.
      • Or him and the Marksmare, in Tinker's Seal.
    • Also from Revenant's Effigy, a book otherwise littered with Continuity Nods with regard to other Expanded Universe works:
      Mahavir/Mahiavar: Hey Daring, have you ever been to an Aztak burial ground?
      Daring Do: No! Absolutely not!!
    • In Revenant's Effigy, Daring walks in on a strange scene; Storm Talon has started to lose feathers from his head, and in a panicked zeal, is mixing together a lotion made from griffin feather-growth formulas, Pegasi feather-growth formulas, and a strange substance from the Swinndell Sisters. (Apparently they're branching out from fake artifacts) Tabula Rasa manages to calm him down, leading to this;
      Storm Talon: You're right. I can't use this stuff. So what if I've lost a few feathers- Ahh! More feathers! I'M MOLTING!
    • This is ironic, given that the actor who plays him, Samuel L. Hawkson, often plays bald black eagle guys.
  • In Tinker's Seal, when the Gilded Marksmare's brought to a firing range and asked to show off all of her firepower. She gladly complies, and the results are very, very messy.
    • During the prologue, Ghoul introduces the infamous 470-Proof Hard Apple Cider.
      Herpy: Aw, come on, there's no such thing. (takes a swig) Hey, it didn't even hurt go going down.
      Herpy: Daring?
      Daring: Yes, Herpy?
      Herpy: Has Celestia's sun gone out?
      Daring: Nooooo...
      Herpy: Ah. It would appear I have gone blind.
    He gets better, though.
    • Also in Tinker's Seal, Tabula Rasa's reaction to Rayback's offer to join Storm and Ghoul's trip to the Blank village, given the town's less overt hostility toward non-Cutie Mark-based lifeforms. Especially given that Ghoul seemed to approve of the idea before going off on a tangent about Cider binging back in his university days.
      The look on her face as Rayback offered to join the drunk Diamond Dog druggie and the foul-mouthed fowl-feline made her words redundant. It said "No". In fact, for that brief moment, Doctor Rasa spontaneously developed perfect cellular control, allowing each and every cell that made her face say "No". The very structure of her DNA rewrote itself to have every strand of those cells say "No". Their very molecules, atoms, subatomic and mana particles all broke their unending dance of physics and magic to join in the chorus of "No". It was the zenith of "No", to which monks dedicated to the concept would have made pilgrimages. Had the Spirit of "No" appeared, it would have bowed down in awe and humility at the sheer, undiluted sense of "No" written on her face.
      Tabula Rasa: NO!
      Ghoul: *Indignant* I'll have you know I love kids. I'm not gonna tie him down and force him to drink the hard stuff. I would have even brought the soft Apple Cider.
      *Everyone assembled stares at him.*
      Storm: Ghoul, you do remember we're going to a town full of paranoid, undead, ritualistic murderers in the middle of a dangerous forest, right?
      Ghoul: Oh… Yeah. That little detail.
    • When Storm and Ghoul get to their hotel for the night before heading out to the village in the morning, the two find Rayback hidden in Storm's suitcase. Ghoul writes a brief letter to Tabula explaining the situation, and has Rayback send it with his fire breath. Much later, Storm returns to the room to find Ghoul anxiously typing his Last Will and Testament on his typewriter.
      Ghoul: Tabulington wrote us back. She said, among several other very angry things, that if one scale is harmed on the kid's head, she will personally bring in the big guns to visit said harm tenfold upon the two of us.
    • Ghoul's reaction when Storm tells him they'll just leave him at the hotel.
    • Storm's Angrish response when they discover in the middle of the Everfree Forest that Rayback followed them after they tried to leave him at the hotel.
      Ghoul: Is that that new language you made, Stormington?
    • When a swarm of Fruit Bats come rushing out of a cave and through the group, Ghoul's phobia of them kicks into overdrive, and he starts screaming intelligibly while wildly waving at them with a flyswatter.
    • Later, after the Marksmare's Big Damn Heroes moment, she's asked for details, and she displays the same tendency as her "brother" to fail horribly at downplaying her exploits.
      "Well, they wanted a freak, and I saw that they were calling those three freaks, and I though 'Well, if they think they're freaks, how would I look to them?' and, well, I couldn't resist scaring them out of their wits. But they didn't even try anything, it's not really that impressive! I mean, when you see yourself looking down the barrel of at least, I don't know, five guns? Or was it ten? I never really count them. Anyway, aren't you supposed to run when that happens? Or duck, or anything except stare at me with that face? I guess a few hundred years of not being able to die kinda dulls your survival instinct…Except I would have run in that situation. I don't think this is really something to brag about, they were pretty stupid if you think about it."
      "Oh for… just take the %^&*ing compliment!!"
    • During Tinker's Seal, after Mareton gets his sadistic hooves on the Hoof-Held Cannon, a weapon said to be able to kill anything, he attempts to use it on the Steelclad Sorcerer…and nothing happens. Mareton just blinks, and Claddie grins. A page and a half later, Mareton is lying in a crater in the floor, with several cracked and broken bones, spouting the prerequisite Non Sequitur, *Thud*.
      Mareton: Marv, I don't wanna do this no more…
    • From the same book: Krastos and Mareton's Villain Team-Up is mostly a frightening idea, as two of the most threatening villains in the series have teamed up, but it does produce this one funny moment.
      Daring: You may be a master of manipulation, but Mareton is one too. How do you know he's not just using you?
      Krastos: Oh, he is. I'm using him too. Of course, we both know that and formed a plan from that, so we're using each other twofold. But then I figured THAT out, so now I'm using him threefold. Of course, he's probably doing the same to me. So basically, we're still not sure who's manipulating who.
    • When it's revealed that the Assembler has sent members of his army to the houses of each University member even slightly connected to the hunt for Steam Whistle's artifacts, there's an enormous Oh, Crap! moment after everypony takes out the soldier at their respective houses, only to remember that Professor Ed has been helping them as well. The team rushes to his house en masse, led by Ed's distraught wife… only to find the Assembler's soldier in a pile of broken pottery shards.
      Soldier: Sir, please stop hitting me-
      Professor Ed: Ma'am, I've got a house full of overpriced merchandise that I bought from a pair of con ponies. I can literally keep this up all night.
      Ed's Wife: …Eddie, I take back every single bad thing I ever said about you trusting those sisters.
    • At one point Mareton encounters Dr. Flux Capacitor, and tries one of his Breaking Speeches. However, due to Flux's…dubious hoofhold in reality, this proves to be not only highly frustrating, but an exercise in futility.
    • This... odd scene involving Dr. Capacitor's love life (or lack thereof).
    Capacitor: Sadly, I have little time for dating. Science has left me a sad and lonely stallion.
    (There is a knock at the door... of the closet. Capacitor opens it to reveal a single Assembled soldier behind it.)
    Capacitor: Who are you?
    Soldier: I'm the sad and lonely stallion Science has left you.
    Capacitor: ...I don't get it.
    Soldier: It's a joke, you sad little scientist.
    (Beat. Capacitor shuts the soldier back in the closet.)
    Herpy: ...That happened.
    • When they realize that Krastos and his army is on the move and that without military assistance, he's going to do a lot of damage and probably spread out from Equestria, Hawkwings and Platinius try to figure out how best to get Platinius full ambassadorial powers as to best negotiate relief because they know Hawkwings would probably screw this up. Hawkwings offers to get completely plastered to be unavailable, defaulting his position to Platinius. When Platinius asks why he doesn't just grant him his diplomatic powers (if temporarily), Hawkwings answers, "Because that's the boring way".
    • After Ahuizotl steals the majority of the artifacts they had until now, Daring and her friends are planning how to retrieve them, after they find out he's hiding in an ancient Hayan temple. And after some lengthy discussion on what to bring, and how to get past any deathtraps Ahuizotl may obviously have, Claddie decides to make a simpler suggestion:
    • Coco Pie, during a discussion on the existence of ghosts (as well as some Arbitrary Skepticism on Derring's part), sings a song called Snicker at the Specters, about laughing at evil ghosts to make them go away. Darrin is amused by the song. Derring is not.
      • Then there's the reactions as Coco begins singing.
        Coco: When I was just a filly and the things were getting bad…
        Derring: (facehoof) Tell me she's not…
        Coco: The spirits and the ghosties, they would always make me sad.
        Darrin: She is.
      • Along with Derring's line immediately following the song.
        Derring: (pulls out a checkbook, oddly solemn) Ms. Pie, I will pay you all of my money to never sing again. All of it.
        Coco: No deal!
    • Swinn and Dell's blase reaction to the events occurring around them as they help out the Canterlot Guard in the defense of Manehattan. Particularly when they bump into Derring, Darrin, and Coco while the latter are being escorted through the guard's camp on their way to the haunted factory. Keep in mind that the following exchange is done in the midst of a chaotic battle.
      Swinn: Ah! Hello Do family! Hello, Ms. Pie!
      Coco: Hi there, Con sisters!
      Dell: Business as usual?
      Darrin: Business as usual.
      Swinn: Well, don't let us stop you! We've got everything under control right here! (smashes a cheap clay pot over a demon's head)
      Dell: Best of luck!
      Darrin: Thanks, girls! You too!
      Derring: You ponies disturb me deeply.
    • Also, we have Mareton trying to infiltrate the guard, only for Swinn and Dell to recognize him and hit him over the head with frying pans. This leads him to say yet another Non Sequitur, *Thud*:
      Mareton: Just a little off the top, keep the sideburns.
    • Short Stuff's epic return to the series…has her being caught sneaking around university grounds by Daring. While Daring berates the filly, Dr. Flux marvels that somepony would cut school to break into another school, before pulling the mares into a rambling discussion on nationalities, and then career choices.
      Dr. Flux: Do you know what my father wanted me to be?
      Short Stuff: Somepony else's colt?
    • In Tinker's Seal, we finally see Ahuizotl practicing his hammy speeches. That's dedication to an art.
  • From Universal Cracks, one of the Alternate Universes seen is one where the brave adventurer Ahuizotl seeks hidden treasures and fights the villainous Daring Do.
    Normal Daring: What.
    Mareton: ...Now, something about that is just mighty disturbing.
    Good!Mareton: (After faceplanting into a wall) Can you see me? I'm the one that's waving!
    • The best is probably the one after he's blindsided by Evil!Short Stuff
    Good!Mareton: Why's it gotta be this way, Marv? I know the light's in ya somewhere!
    Marksmare: Aww, but I wanted to see who I got coupled with! Wait, maybe I'M the one that's supposed to be paired! ...but with who? One of you, maybe?
    Claddie: (turning to everyone else) Any of ye raise a hoof and I'm cuttin' it right off. ...AN' THAT GOES FER CLAWS TOO!
    • Universe #063, with a male archaeology professor/adventurer called Darrin Do and his younger non-action girl sister Daring.
    • Alt!Zapapple distracting the Colt Leader during the final battle…by tapping her on the shoulder and saying "Hi, I'm a distraction." This immediately followed by the Colt Leader getting a good hard knock on the head from Storm.
    • The universe where the characters only exist in fiction and they run into the actors who play them, causing Coco to go into an infinite loop.
    Normal Darrin: Dare... I've found some... works of us. They have us do things. Bad things. Together.
    Normal Daring: ...As in, together together?
    Normal Darrin: (nods)
    Normal Daring: They... they know we're siblings, right?
    Normal Darrin: Doesn't... seem to matter.
    Normal Daring: That's just sick.
    Alt!Mareton: ...You ponies are all insane.
    Alt!Daring: Well... my brother's a ship. We had a complicated childhood.
    • And when this version of the characters meets their original counterparts?
    Alt!Swinn: ...So?
  • The Citadel of the Impossible is a clear Shout-Out to La-Marelana, and Daring seems to notice it too.
    "Okay, did whatever jerk built this place think this was some kind of game?!"
  • Two-Tone, a hippogriff from the Mirror Universe, doesn't seem to have a counterpart in the normal universe, but the reason for this doesn't become obvious until it's revealed who her parents are: The Mirror Universe versions of Nagridge and Storm Talon. Rarely have words (especially vulgar ones) failed Storm, but this time was special.
  • Caballeron's Villains Out Shopping cameo in Tinker's Seal.

    Short Stories 
  • From Almost Got 'Er (Ahuizotl's point of view):
    She finally made it up the stairs…right into my trap! The phoenixes, rocs, and screechers were all waiting to dine…ON ADVENTURER!
    "Ah, Miss Do," I said over the loudspeakers. "Congratulations. You made it. Welcome to my aviary…of doom."
    "Aviary of what, Ahuizotl?" Swinn snorted, grinning.
    "Sheesh, Zotlie!" Dell agreed. "How corny can you get?"
    • And later, Commandant Rex's story. There's a long, dramatic buildup, the others slowly leaning forward in their seats in anticipation. The payoff? Comedy gold.
      Rex: So I'm at the end of the chamber. I've got the drop on her, she has no clue that I'm there.
      Dell: Yeah? And?
      (Blank, disapproving stares)
      Mareton: Cricket Noise. Cricket Noise.
      Swinn: (ignoring Rex) So, Zotlie, where did you get all those birds, anyway? I thought cats were your thing.
      Rex: …I-it was a big rock...
    • Mareton arriving the to the bar and joining the game gives us this nice moment:
      Mareton: Hello, fillies and gentlecolts. Get me a chocolate malt and deal me in.
      Rex: Scram, Mareton. This is a private ga—oof! (is kicked in the face by Mareton)
      Swinn: Sebastius Mareton…
      Mareton: (stealing Rex's seat) It's been a long time, Swinny. I suppose you're still looking halfway decent.
      Swinn: Half of me wants to clobber you.
      Mareton: (smirks) And what does the other half want?
      Swinn: To hit you with my wagon.
      Mareton: (to the others) We used to date.
      Dell/Rex/Ahuizotl: (understanding) Ahhhhh.
    • When Dr. Caballeron and Interrobang join in:
    Dr. Caballeron: Mind if we join you, ladies and gentle…creatures?
    Swinn: Don’t you normally have two other henchponies?
    Dr. Caballeron: I do. But Rough Stuff is busy… [points to corner of the room, where Rough Stuff has a knife to the throat of Snazzy Shades, who is chained fore-and-hind-hoof to a metal pipe]
    Snazzy Shades: [dramatically, with fake tears] This is cruel and unusual punishment, Ronnie! You are denying me my passion! I just want to feel the lovely, smooth cards flowing under my hooves…
    Dr. Caballeron: …and as you can see, Snazzy Shades is a bit tied up at the moment. And since I don’t want to go home with no bits, that’s where he will stay.
    • And later in the game, when the players look up from hearing Rex’s story to find that Snazzy Shades has been the dealer for the past few games, but nopony noticed because they were too engrossed in the story.
    Snazzy Shades: And another win for me. You ponies need to be more aware of your surroundings.
    Dr. Caballeron: Wha… how did you…
    Snazzy Shades: Come now, Ronnie… a magician never reveals his secrets. Aces wild next round?
  • The entirety of Nothing but Puppy Chow Left qualifies, but special props go to the scene where the raiders miss the town they were supposed to pillage because they are too busy singing.
  • Swinn going nuclear on Mareton in court during Trial, much to the amusement and delight of everyone else there.
    • The very subtle way Rex flinches every time Swinn calls Mareton "pudding."
    • One would never imagine the Assembler being funny. Then again, one would never imagine the Assembler being coerced into acting as a jury in a fake trial, alongside other villains including Krastos, who may we remind you is its archenemy.
      • Rex sympathetically offers him his flask, implying he's only putting up with it because he's completely plastered.
      • Another funny moment is when immediately after the Assembler refuses it, Krastos grabs the bottle away from Rex and consumes the entire thing. Including the bottle.
    • At one point, Mareton is described as having his head in Swinn's lap. Seriously. Just picture that for a second.
    • There's one moment when the Obsidian Sentinel gets up to testify. Unfortunately, the villains forgot that the Sentinel was a brainwashed Earth Song, who proceeds to give a long speech on how awesome Daring was.
      Earth Song: And then, just when I was about to swing the fatal blow, Daring swooped in and-
      Dell: (annoyed) We ran out of tape five hours ago!
    • Krastos continues to be himself.
      Krastos: *Completely calmly* If this trial makes me miss the new episode of Doctor Whooves, I swear to every deity of every religion that exists that I will slaughter every last one of you.
      Daring Do: Can one of you please remind me why I'M the one on trial here?
      Charity: Krastos liked the idea and aside from The Assembler, Inti the Star Eater, and Reverend Mother of the Smooze, nopony here would dare mess with him, and two of those were quite for it.
    • The way Copperbeak and Blackmane keep getting into fights.
  • Somehow, Mareton ends up being questioned.
    Herpy: It seems you have quite a criminal record here yourself, Mr. Mareton. You once slashed a wagon in half in a Starclucks parking lot.
    Mareton: It was parked across two parking spaces.
    Swinn: Wait, that was you?!
    Herpy: You... vaporized a customer with a death ray when you worked at Radio Hack?
    Mareton: I was just testing it! It figures it'd be the one day there was someone in the aisle.
  • As something written to be comedic Ahuizotl and the Giant Chess Pie has quite a few. Some of the moments that spring to mind are:
    • Ahuizotl getting turned into Miss Jumbo's seat cushion.
    • The Trickster literally Breaking the Fourth Wall and taking Ahuizotl to the real world to meet, and forcing him to be nice to, a group of Ahuizotl's Kittens.
    • The Trickster turning Ahuizotl into a plushie for one Kitten and a tattoo for another.
    • The author's note claiming that it's Based on a True Story, then that their lying, then that their lying about lying.
    • Both times the chess pie is eaten. Dell's not caring about why it's there as long as it's there and Starlight attempts at remaining refined as she wipes chess pie of her face are both hilarious.
    • Whilst crude, the joke at the end about how long Starlight has been in the bathroom post chess pie and the implication she clogged the toilet, are somehow still funny.
  • In Short Stuff and the Amazing Vacuum whilst waiting for Page and Header to regain their normal shapes Short Stuff absent mindedly bounces one of them.
    • Dr Flux's descriptions making his device sound like a fearsome weapon before revealing it's just a cleaning implement.
    • Dr Flux's reaction to being told he threw the container with Page and Header into the trash.
    Flux: Oh no.....the container was supposed to be reused not replaced. I'll have to make another one and...
    Short Stuff: Hey Doc, what about your assistants?
    Flux: Hm? Oh yes, yes of course.....they'll be helpful building the replacement.
    • Later on when Page and Header are returned to normal
    Page: Well thanks for helping us, I guess.
    Short Stuff: Ah, I'll be honest I was doing it more for the container. I mean, a vacuum that suck up anything? How awesome is that!
    • Page and Header's excitement about capturing the never seen before creature, hoping for fame in the science community and to be regarded as heroes for capturing the beast. And then their reactions when the vacuum announces it's been absorbed.
    • The reactions of the 3 as the vacuum seems like it's going blow, diving for cover and cowering....and then it shuts down with a little puff of smoke.
    • And, of course, when it does explode in the end.
  • In Miss Jumbo and the M█████████ Tattoo Miss Jumbo's embarrassed attempts to ask Storm to check 'where (she) can't see' without straight up saying where.
    • Storm's internal descriptions of both the flattened Mahavir and the Noodle Incident that makes him leave Mahavir stuck to Miss Jumbo.
    • The closing lines reassuring us that Mahavir would eventually unstick and fall off.Unfortunately it would be under one of Miss Jumbo's WIPE HOOVES OR ELSE signs so he'd be mistaken for a doormat for some time afterward and...
    Narration:...nopony wants to ignore Miss Jumbo's notices.
  • In Anne Bonfire and the Unsightly Beauty Mark when the newly turned to goo Beauty Mark starts to burble Anne acts like it's swearing up a storm and chides it. And then starts tapping on the glass.
    • When Anne and Mary are discussing what to do with Beauty Mark Anne sits down directly onto the syringe containing the goo Beauty Mark, injecting her into Anne.
    Mary: ....Well I guess that answers that then.
    • Afterwards when Mary and Anne decide not to talk of this again, Mary asks what they should tell the crew Anne was doing.
    Anne: Tell them I went to seek medical advice about the swelling.
    Mary: What swellin'?
    Anne: (rubbing around the area of the injection) Have you seen what she did to me? It's nearly doubled in size!
    • When Anne spots a book made for customer reviews, what she writes and the lines just before it.
    Anne: I thought it was supposed to tone up your assets. All it's done is give me way more jiggle.
    Mary: So it turns out she was a terrible beauty product. Huh.
    Anne: (Spots the book and begins to write while speaking aloud) The service here was lousy and understaffed. The owner was unhelpful, took forever to set up, didn't listen, actively tried to murder me and wouldn't stop talking. Plus she literally made my butt bigger. So even if I hadn't made sure the owner was permanently indisposed I wouldn't be coming here again. Zero stars.
  • In Equestria and the Attack of the Jello Slimes the Smash Cut from some Jello Slimes telling Desert Rose's animals that there's nothing they can do to help to a stuffed Rose finishing off her animals 'home-made' jello.
    • An already Jello Slime stuffed Coco Pie being shocked to be told that that's their weakness...then that there's an invasion and then that Jello Slimes exist.
    Darrin: Weren't you tipped off when the jello, you know, moved?
    Coco: Your jello doesn't move?
    • At the Griffon Embassy as Silvia Clawson waits outside Hawkings room a squad of Jello Slime enter. Cut to Hawkings room as he and Platinius discuss the invasion, with Hawkings just glad he doesn't have to deal with it. The pair leave the room and see Silvia patting her engorged belly, belch loudly and look at Hawkings proudly. Made doubly funny by the Callback:
    Hawkings: Remind me to give you a pay raise.
    (Platinius shoots him a dirty look behind his back)
    • At Star Shimmer's place Earth Song gets Jellos Slimes to follow him into areas where Star Shimmer is and Star Shimmer reacts and talks like she's come home to find that Earth Song's made her a home cooked dinner.
    • Anne Bonnies response to dealing with the Jello Slimes:
    Anne: I hope they don't go to where the last goo creature went. I don't think I could deal with it any bigger.
    • Miss Starlight being more concerned about her weight than her safety, and the Running Gag that whenever she fusses over somepony it's not about warning them to be careful but about making sure they don't lose their figure.
    • Arthur, King of the Trots and his Knights reaction to the Jello Slimes, then the tall tales they tell to each other about the abilities of the Slimes based on the noises they hear them making and their sheepish reactions when it turns out the noises weren't from the Slimes but from Linnet Bird eating all of them.
    • The Jello Slimes at Outback Jack's house. They keep going missing one by one. The final one hides in Alice Springs room where she's sleeping. However it notices something, pulling back the sheets reveals Alice's swollen belly, showing that a sleeping Alice has been sucking up the Slimes that came near her with her snoring, which she also does to this one. She then coughs lightly, mumbles a Non Sequitur and goes back to sleep.
    • Morph and Many Masks engaging in a competition to see who can eat the most Jello Slimes.
    • Dell's continued attempts to capture one of the Jello Slimes to sell later on but somehow, every time she tries, managing to eat all the Jello Slimes resulting in her being one of the largest characters in the end.
    • The way in which Shudder deals with her Jello Slimes. She's underneath them digging for a particularly tasty looking gem. Their weight causes the floor to collapse and they fall directly into her open mouth and down her gullet. Shudder is left with no idea they were even there.
    • The two golem siblings, being devoid of anything resembling a digestive system, while the slimes themselves are utterly unable to do much to them, are engaged in a lengthy stalemate for a good part of the book...
      • The Marksmare, herself, merely decides to pile a whole bunch of them and go swimming inside the ensuing glob. Her brother is not exactly amused. This gets slightly troublesome when the others come to clean up the remaining slimes, what with the many places it went, along with Claddie, already pissed over finding out that was the slimes' weakness, convincing himself some of them may be wanting to clean it off in a way he decidedly disapproves of.
      • There's also the questioning they're given after that's dealt with, about how stalled they were with the Jello Slimes:
      Daring: You two have mouths, wasn't it kind of logical?
      Claddie: Aye, mouths fer refuelin'. 'n sometimes fer removin' smug faces.
      Marksmare: Same here! I got my bro's teeth too!
      *She pulls off Claddie's helmet and forces his mouth open while grinning real wide herself, both teeth sets are described in loving detail*
      Claddie: Oh fer- ...ach, point is those ain't puddin' teeth.
    • One that's also In-Universe. Since the guards defeated the Jello Slimes the same way everypony did they end up quite rotund and the sight of them marching or standing to attention in a row with their bellies flopping around is noted to have bought several characters to near laughter (they would've laughed if they weren't in the same condition) and probably the reader as well.
  • In Silvia Clawson and Her Little Pony, Silvia asks Caballeron to rub and kiss her paws. After laughing at his aghast reaction she reveals she's joking...about the kissing thing.
    Silvia: Of course I am! Can you imagine how weird or creepy that would be? (starts laughing, which Caballeron hesitantly joins, then stops) Now start rubbing before they rub you against the floor.
    • As Caballeron does so she continues talking about it convincing herself it'd be a honor for the kisser, and its her who'd be creeped out. Caballeron, who has looked incredibly disgusted throughout, ponders what expression to have when she looks back at him, not wanting to appear disgusted in case she's upset, not wanting to appear happy in case things get worse. The result? Something that freaks out Silvia who sends him flying with a light kick.
    Silvia: missed a spot. Can you come back over here and finish? Also are you alive? Probably should've asked that first.
    • At one point Caballeron starts talking about how they'll be no more games and she's going to fix him. Just before this Silvia turned away from him and throughout she's been holding a claw up in 'one minute' style.
    Caballeron: Look at me!
    Silvia: (turns around to face him, and lets out a sustained belch which forces Caballeron backwards, messes up his hair and gives him a good view of her mouth) Ah, I needed that. You had something you wanted to say Cally? (Picks up a piece of food bigger than him and eats it)
    Caballeron: N-no. (continues to stare straight ahead, unblinking for some time afterward)
  • In Daring Do and Marey Sue's Totally Awesome Adventure the part where Ahuizotl shows up in the fanfiction without explanation because it's Ahuizotl and 'Ahuizotl is always there'.
    • Midway through Daring has to take part in an advertisement for the spell that pulled her into the fanfic as part of the fan's deal with the pony who gave them the spell. This leads to Daring monotonously reading off a script about how the spell will keep the pony within safe even if the paper is damaged or eaten by beasts.
    • And the Call-Back where it gives Daring, who repeats the advert to herself more enthusiastically during, the idea of feeding the fanfiction to a goat.
    • The fan revealing that, whilst safe after being eaten by the goat, when they returned to reality it was quite messy and they've had to have several baths since.
    • The fan's What the Hell, Hero? speech after Daring unintentionally feeds them to a goat and Daring's reaction to it as it goes from something she feels a little guilty about, to self entitled whining as she stops caring.
  • In The Student, after being forced to defuse his bomb, the Zompony in charge begins to give a melodramatic speech to Mahavir, about how he'll get his revenge only to open a door to a temporarily feral-ized Silva and be anticlimatically eaten mid-speech.
    • Subsequently Silvia's reaction to being told she's just eaten a Zompony whilst in a magically induced feral state is rather, well, blase.
    Silvia: That does explain the somewhat offputting taste. Definitely one of the few things on the 'I'd have to be offered for free to eat again' list.
    Mahavir: Wait, that'd imply you'd eat more of them.
    Silva: I've had worse. Most of the stuff on that list is worse in-fact. (Picks up final piece that was hiding and trying to crawl away and eats it, sees Mahavir's expression and shrugs) Waste not, want not.
    • During the assault on the university the gang lock Mahavir and Silvia behind a chain link fence and begin taunting Maviahr only for Silvia to tap them on the shoulder having flown over.
    Silvia: Did you forget I could fly?
    Mook: Not so much forget as didn't think was possible.
    Mahivir: It is quite the stumper, isn't it?

  • In the Daring Do and the Shrine of the Silver Monkey film, Coco Pie has to have explained to her that the diluted chocolate pudding may not have been as effective against a Diamond Dog, especially one of Rex's powerhouse stature (like in the book). Cue the credits. Then in The Stinger, we cut to Commandant Rex, bruised, battered, having chocolate pudding on his face, still somewhat delirious, and at the bottom of the cliff he fell off of, who proceeds to mutter to his fellow Diamond Dogs who also fell after him from getting some of the pudding splatter on them:
    "This is certainly the most humiliating defeat of my entire career, yeeessss…"
  • Herpy's Funny Background Event in the recent preview clips for the Alicorn's Shadow film; he's pouring coffee for the guests, fills three small mugs, then proceeds to empty the pot himself directly.
  • In a film-exclusive scene in Temple of Nightmare Moon, Storm Talon drops out of the sky on to one of Ahuizotl's bigger minions, backed up by dozens of other (voluntary) teachers and students. Daring chews him out for breaking the University Board's orders and risking not only his life, but others' as well. His response?
    I recognize the Board made a decision, but given that it was a stupid-ass decision, I've elected to ignore it!
    • The same film has the montage where Herpy recruits Daring's friends, one highlight of which is Outback Jack impulsively leaving Orange Burn - who was merely passing through on the way to Darwhinny - in charge of the Watering Hole, despite her protests that she'll be in over her head come rush hour. We never do find out how well this worked out…
  • In Monkey King, Daring and Saru Sennin talk about the Ball of Four Stars;
    Daring: Is it magic?
    Saru Sennin: Actually, it's really a cheap trinket! But the monkeys seem to like it.
  • Daring and the Professor's argument (of the Daring Do and the Professor Crossover radio serial) when they're in a spiked wall trap due to Ahuizotl and the Commander. Sadly, I can't remember the conversation right now.
  • A trailer for the Trident of the Seaponies film features Herpy inspecting a crystal skull. When told it came from an actual crystal pony , he freezes up momentarily, then shrieks like a filly.

    Daring Do Adventures 
  • Storm and Masra's endless frustration with Daring reneging on her teaching duties.
Cave of Secrets
  • Daring's frustration as her party count steadily grows. First, Dean has her bring along five students against her will, then one of the counselors decides it might be good for Storm Strike to go and get out of his shell, and then James and Cora stow away...
    Daring: If there is anyone else who would like to invite themselves on a dangerous jungle mission, speak now, or Forever! Hold! Your! Peace!
    Cora: Um, does that count us because technically we weren't-
    Daring: (Glares at her wordlessly)
    Cora: Oh.
    Storm Strike: Can I just say did NOT come here of my own free-
    (Daring gives him a death glare as well, lasting a few seconds, before wordlessly stomping off)
    Daring Do: (Under her breath) Great, that makes two of us.
  • James realizes Storm Strike came along, wordlessly drags him into the tent.
    Daring watched in confusion was muffled yelling was heard. A second later, James marched out, looking quite proud himself, followed by a bewildered Storm Strike, who looked slightly disoriented.
    Daring: What did he-
    Storm Strike: Words I did NOT expect a nine year old to know!
  • Very Black Comedy, James's reaction after Cora tries to jump to the other side of a bottomless ravine is priceless.
  • James and Cora's fights. Even ponies who disliked the book admitted that their arguments were Actually Pretty Funny.
    James: I can tell you're dumb because all the smart ponies like Doug know that Storm Strike stinks!
    Cora: Incompatible! Storm Strike smells just fine! And what would you know about smartness? Your imaginary friend is a tree!
    (Long Beat of Silence)
    James: First of all, he's not a tree! He's an alien plant! Second of all, what's wrong with that? Third of all, Storm Strike Stinks!
    Cora: Great! He heard you! And you still don't have an definitive evidance that he smells that!
    James: I'm not saying that he smells, I'm saying that know...stinks as in bad. but not smelly. Stink.
    Cora:...............................I feel really bad for your imaginary tree.
  • In the beginning, just after Cora and James have been found stowing away, Cora discovers James's middle initial is F, and pesters him about it for a bit, before leaving it be and letting the reader forget about it, which makes a nice little brick joke when She discovers it's Francis. She is beside her self.
    Cora: James Francis Zapner The Second?!
    James: Shut up.
  • There's something humorously satisfying in general about the comparatively proper Cora and irreverent James swapping roles for once.

    Disneigh Adventures' Diamond Daring 
  • The last bit of the Ringleader's radio advertisement for her circus.
    Ringleader: So be sure to come see the show, before my over-insured circus tent has a mysterious fire!
    Magician: She said "fire!" (the sound of roaring flames is heard)
    Ringleader: NOT YET YOU MORONS—''(is cut off)
    Voice: You must have a cutie mark to order tickets...but we won't tell if you won't.

  • In Gekokujo, Reiher's attempt at Equestrian smack talk when facing the army of debt collectors.
    Hard Cash: Here you stand on the brink of death, Samurai, with no luck to save you, no friends to fight with you, and no honor to leave behind. Anything you'd like to say before I send you to the underworld?
    Reiher: I KICK-A YOUR ASS!!! (charges)
    • The griffons of Reiher's village in general. Nearly everyone is a "debt collector", they all wear black robes, and all carry the same type of sword. There are so many that sometimes they forget who's who, and even forget who they're trying to collect from!
    • They play up the debt collector job as a serious work, with strict codes of honor and conduct, as if they were samurai, yet in every scene with them, it's more like The Office, and this is taken at complete face value by Daring and the others.
      Hard Cash: (while three of his underlings play paper football in the background) The Collection business is not for the weak willed or feint-of-heart. It can be brutal, it can be gruesome. One must disregard any and all emotion, for those who can not pay in bits, pay in blood.
      Collector 1: (gets a papercut on his chest by the paper football, screams like a girl) GYAHH! You hit the tit!
      Scorekeeper: Bonus points! (entire bar cheers)

    Stage Shows 

  • Sweeney Trot:
    • "Why is it called a hacksaw?"
    • "Locksmith."
    • Linnet being the Only Sane Pony in the climatic scene where Trot has just killed Clopin while she was hiding in the closet is funny in a Black Comedy sort of way.
    "Married on Sunday, that's what he promised, married on Sunday... that was last August!"
  • A Very Daring Musical:
    • "When you think about it... archaeology is just kind of stupid."
    • Rex wishing he could speak the language of rabbits, because they would be amazed and accept him as their king.
    • "SEBASTIUS MARETON! SEBASTIUS MARETON! SEBASTIUS—" (notices Darin and Coco playing chess) "Oop, checkmate! SEBASTIUS MAAAAAAAARETON!"
    • "Derring. Honey. Listen." Keep in mind it's Mareton saying this.
      • It's really the actor's expression that sells it.
      • "I know I'm just a murderous psychopath that's tried to kill you literally every time we've crossed paths..."
    • At the climax, our heroes try to stop Mareton from coming in by barricading the door. This being a stage show, "the door" is literally just a doorframe sitting onstage (no wall it's attached to, just a doorframe sitting on the stage), and their "barricade" is a chair. However, thanks to Willing Suspension of Disbelief, the audience is able to pretend there really is a wall and a proper door there... until Mareton gets past the barricade by stepping around it.
    • "Um, Professor? Can, like, a person be an artifact?"
    • "Well, the Staff says that's dumb, so we're not gonna do that."
    • "The point is... I don't want my life to turn out to be like Spider-Colt 3! ...I hated that movie!"
    • "I just wanted to say... I love you all. Except for you, Bravado. I can't bucking stand you."

  • A behind-the-scenes featurette on the DVD of Sapphire Stone portrays the director as a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk.
    Coffee Boy: *(to the camera)* I've always had a lot of great script ideas, but I'm not allowed to tell them to anypony because I'm the coffee boy.
    JJ: The lowly coffee boy.
    Coffee Boy: Oh yeah, right. The lowly coffee boy. Also, I'm ugly.
    JJ: Extremely ugly!
    • From the same featurette, screenwriter Minty Coral claims that she had originally intended to spend her life creating a source of renewable energy, but eventually backed out because she was afraid of rich oil tycoons assassinating her, "You know how much they hate to lose money."
  • From a recent convention, held shortly after a number of plot details for Alicorn Amulet were revealed:
    Fan: Was the name "'Princess' Twinlight Sparkler" an intentional reference, or was that just by coincidence?
    Ember Roundup: It passed legal.
  • A skit on the Breathing Weapons mini-series DVD has Eichelhäher becoming a magician's assistant and performing all sorts of tricks that involve her losing a limb, due to practically being a zombie.
    • The magician's show received such praise like, "So realistic!" and, "It was entertaining, but something smelled like a dead body the entire time."
  • The skit that Manehattan's Ziegfilly Theatre did for Comic Relief Night: Daring Do and the Curse of Fatal Death. It completely deconstructs most of the cliches of the series, and ends with Daring and Ahuizotl happily eloping to Las Pegasus, pleasing Darizotl shippers everywhere. Best of all, the sketch features none other than Griffon comedian Christopher Falcon as Storm Talon. General consensus is that comedy fans have not lived until one hears the union of Falcon's usual line delivery with Storm's abundant language of cursing.
  • The Daring Do-themed night at weekly Canterlot music quiz show Never Mind the Buzzkill where Hairerion Trot guest-hosted (with costars Ellen De Jennet and Pony Jaye as guest contestants) was positively rife with these. Of particular note was the joke that arose amongst the fanbase from Trot's comments regarding costar John Barrowmane's infamously raunchy sense of humor behind the scenes.
    Trot: The song contained the lyric "There was nothing in Equestria that could stop us when I fell in love with your plot-us", which as it happens, was a line removed from Griffon's Goblet. (Audience laughs, Trot shakes hoof) Barrowmane! Grr! (Audience laughs harder)
    Buzzkill regular Jupiter Fields: I'm told that Sapphire Shores has been receiving letters from fans claiming that they'll stage mass protests unless she goes out with them. (Audience laughs)
    Trot: (Shakes hoof) Barrowmane! Grr!
  • The Smooze Punch Incident. To sum up, a small fan convention called Questcon was taking place the weekend after Secrets of Hydia was released, so the organizers made a big bowl of punch that turned from purple to green when they poured in the final ingredient just before serving it. This would be unremarkable had one of the guests not then lost a very expensive earring... Which turned up shortly afterwards in a suspiciously full glass of punch.

    Actual Meta 

  • In the advertisement for the Celestia Radio adaptation (see Daring Do Adventures above), we have the music swelling as the narrator dramatically says "Pony in a Box proudly presents, an all new program for Celestia Radio…" only to be interrupted by an advertisement for "The Tom and Bloomberg Show" before the tech has to apologize and rewind.