Funny / Danball Senki

  • The Terrible Trio of Moes reacting to getting beaten by a middle schooler is nothing but priceless in all iterations.
  • Episode 2: The Hands of Hanz/ Devas introduction pose. Amy is not amused, and Van flat out ignores it.
    • Mika being the one to help the group find Hanz’ location. Why? She’s a Perky Goth with a major crush on Hanz and her phone opens with him in hearts!
    • Gabe running away after trying to act brave to impress Amy and is auto target firing failing him miserably.
    • How did Hanz get the exo-frame armor for Achilles anyways? He gave Saki a fake cash card! Naturally, Ken and Van are dumbfounded.
  • Episode 4: Gabe boasting about how he was the one that defeated Destroyer, only for everyone asking him to get back the LBX that Hanz destroyed or took from them. Mika lampshades the irony.

  • All forms of media start off with one thing for W: Hiro losing all of clothes during the LBX invasion at Tokio Mall. The anime makes it even funnier. To makes things even better, he gets an entirely new outfit to wear, and without paying. A really funny moment in a Nightmare Fuel scenario.