Funny: Daily Lives of High School Boys

  • More or less any moment involving the Literature Girl.
    • Episode Five's internal-Big "NO!" moment, when poor Hidenori realises she's standing right behind him again. The screaming is perfect.
    • Episode Ten's hilarious Chase Scene involving the two of them. And the reason she wanted to chase him down so badly? To yell at Hidenori that the guy she was with when he saw her wasn't her boyfriend.
  • Any segment where Hidenori Internal Monologues, really. They show off Tomokazu Sugita's skills to the fullest.
    • The mole-hair girl monologue from episode three.
    Hidenori: "This mole hair... is proof of her loneliness."
  • The RPG-roleplay segment at the beginning of episode 2.
    Hidenori/Jack: Cha-ra-ra-raaa, cha-ra-ra-raaa, cha-ra-ra-ra, cha-ra-ra-ra, chan-cha-ra-ra-ra-ra, chan-cha-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-RA-RA-RA-RA-RA-RA-RA CHAAAAAN-chaaaaan!
    Tadakuni: Too long! What music was that!?
    Yoshitake: You know, it's that music that plays in RPGs when someone joins your party—
    Tadakuni: Don't explain!!