Funny / Da Amazin OT Advenchr

Pretty much the whole series is intended to be funny, but we have a few examples here that stand out:
  • In Apposote 5, we have this exchange between Dav999 (as a warp token) and Liteslayer:
    Dav999: (off-screen) der u r tostr
    Lite: o fukk hoo is dat
    Dav999: is i, dov, da stprid cwarptokren and im her to captur u and raep ur butthoel
    Lite: doesnt dat mak u gaey
    Dav999: [beat] yes
    • In the same apposote, Dav999 sends Doormat to go capture Lite. This is what happens:
    Dav999: dootmat go kaptur him
    Doormat: [music stops] (off-screen) sori am jakking of to ponees
    Dav999: [beat] [music returns] k smario go kaptur tostr
  • In "Soopa Appisote" 3, the car driven by Lite slams into Kayya, a tOLPer. The car goes flying, and then insanity happens.