Funny / Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

  • Heine opens an elevator door, and sees a group of thugs inside. Heine closes the door. The thugs open the door.
  • In Chapter 28, Naoto passes out and falls towards Heine, setting up a Heartwarming moment in which Heine would catch her. Does he? Nope. He sidesteps out of the way with the most awesome expression on his face, though he does grab her hand. After looking at it for a moment, he lets go of that as well and lets her hit the floor.
  • In Chapter 44, Heine and Giovanni are having a serious talk during Einstürzen's invassion of Stray Dogs District. Just as they're about to start shooting each other again, Marcel Calcerino and his men barrel between them in a van being attacked by Einstürzen's dogs. Heine and Giovanni take a moment to comment on how much Calcerino's life sucks before they go back to shooting each other.
  • The look on Heine's face when he realizes the Hardcore Twins have come to stay at the church.
  • Chapter 77: A bunch of comic relief characters try to kill Heine by running him over with a van. It's Badou's "What the Fuck." face that sells the moment, like not even he can understand what just happened.