* From "Lost My Marbles", after Buzz and Delete have created a pink fog:
--> '''Hacker:''' ''Pink??'' I told you ''puce!'' I WANTED '''''PUCE!!'''''\\
'''Buzz:''' Sorry, boss, pink's all we got left. Besides, what's the difference?\\
'''Hacker:''' "The difference" is... [[LargeHam PUCE is my FAVORITE COLOR!]]
* Delirious!Motherboard in "Cool It".
--> '''Motherboard:''' I'm looking! Looking! ''(singing)'' Juuuuuust LOOKIIIIIIIING!
* Abby [[NoSell not buying]] Hacker's attempt to fool her in "The Cyberchase Movie" by acting like an orangutan.
* Lots of stuff in the "For Real" segments. Bianca and Harley (and to a degree, Harry) constantly acting like 8-year-olds is hilarious!
--> '''Bianca:''' I COULD GET MY NAILS DONE!
* Bianca losing it in "Bianca Doesn't Measure Up".
* The flashbacks Kelly has in the For Real segment of Bianca's "moments" when Bianca insists she'd make a good employee.
* More "For Real" quotes:
--> '''Harry:''' I said you could have ''half'' my rice pudding! --> '''Harley:''' My half was on the bottom!
--> '''Bianca'''(on her cell phone while in a soccer game): So I was like, watching the game...
--> '''Harry:''' '''THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!'''
* In "Bianca Flips Out", she asks a bunch of people in line to flip a coin. They look at her like she's crazy.
* Harry and Jennifer ditching Harley at the end of the evening after he continually tries to ruin their date.
* Bianca's reaction to seeing Kelly meeting a cute guy in the park.
* In "The Case of the Missing Memory", Motherboard loses her memory when a key piece of her is stolen. Partway through the episode, Matt asks her to try to remember...and proceeds to freak out when she calls him "Nezzie", even using Inez's CatchPhrase of "This is not good! This is not good at all!"
* In "Codename: Icky", Hacker is trying to set up a satellite to eavesdrop on the kids.
-->'''Hacker:''' Quickly! Direct it toward Aquari-Yum!\\
''(Buzz and Delete do this)''\\
'''Voice 1:''' Mary had a little lamb.\\
'''Hacker:''' What??\\
'''Voice 2:''' Well, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...\\
'''Hacker:''' You incompetent dunce-buckets! You tuned in on Happily Ever After! MOVE! I'll do it myself!\\
''(as he adjusts the satellite, Buzz sits on a button)''\\
'''Hacker:''' Tuning, tuning... There!\\
'''Inez:''' No sign of Icky here. That slug's gonna be tough to spot.\\
'''Hacker:''' Yes! ''(cut to the kids in their pods as Hacker's voice sounds like it's coming out of a radio)'' Now I can listen in on all their radio messages.\\
'''Kids:''' Hacker!\\
'''Hacker:''' YAAAAAAAAARGH! Buzz, you bubble-brain! You sat on the microphone button! Those kids can hear everything we're saying!\\
'''Buzz:''' Sorry, Boss...
** Matt's shock that Hacker knows PigLatin is also good for a few chuckles since it takes a couple scenes before he gets over it.