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Funny: Cupcakes
  • Even for some people horrified by the fic itself, the organ puns crosses into being genuinely hilarious.
  • Not the fic itself but rather that livestream readings of this tend to turn into a corpesfest every few lines, narming the story up to eleven.
    • And then there was the incident on a stream where the narrator/Dash (known on the session as SWAG) was in the middle of a line when his computer had shut off.
    SWAG: The hammer came down and the nail punctured Dash's ski—-
    [BEAT], cue sudden laughter.

    • It became even better when he got back on, almost ten minutes later
    SWAG: Dude my fucking computer shut off.
    "Your computer said: "NOPE."
  • Rainbow Dash Presents: Cupcakes. It starts with Rainbow Dash deciding to put on a gorilla suit after reaching Sugarcube Corner and spirals into hilarious madness from there.
  • Equestria Daily tries to be professional about the fanfics posted there, but when Cupcakes started gaining notoriety, Eq D was all like "Screw it, we're going to post it." But not without a big GRIMDARK AS FUCK (all caps, bright red text) tag to warn people just what the hell they were getting into...
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