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Trailers and Promotional Material:

  • There can be some rather... odd AI interactions within the game. For example, as an Irish King, it's possible to (through bloodline ties to the throne) become nominated by a Faction to become King of England... and actually attain the throne. Granted, it's likely that your dynasty will be kicked off as soon as there's a Succession Crisis, but for that particular King's lifespan, you'll be wondering how the hell it happened.
  • It's more than possible for a wife and husband to be King and Queen Consort of each other's territory (the King of one country is the King Consort of his Queen's country, and vice versa). They can go to war with each other, whilst being lovers and popping out kids.
  • There is a line of scripts that cause an old ruler to expire after consummating his marriage with an attractive, young, lustful wife. His wife gets the "depressed" trait after his death.
  • In certain cases, counties, duchies and kingdoms with the same name are seperate from each other due to independence revolts and the like. Behold; the three eastern powers of Perm, Perm & Perm.
  • Combining the "Commit Suicide" option and gaining prestige/ducats from marriages with royalty will make for some Black Humor.
  • The Way of Life expansion introduces, among other things, the ability to seduce courtiers. One of the event options after your love-making sessions goes "Vidi, Vici, Veni."
    • It is not only limited to courtiers. Female rulers can seduce other male rulers too. Your husband will get a -200 opinion penalty because you are a harlot and will confront you while throwing furniture around. The female ruler can then tearfully reassure him of her love and proceed to seduce other guys.
  • Commissioning a Runestone with a lunatic character made in Ruler Designer produces an interesting result.
    Kettil, proud son of a holy union between Odin, a wild mare and three forest gnomes, paid Óleifr handsomely to carve these runes. With his flying longship and crew of twelve singing rabbits, Kettil earned his fame by sailing across the Norse lands solving crime. May the Shining Tentacle preserve us all.
  • With the Charlemagne Expansion, Chronicles were added, listing all your accomplishments. In the event you have a year where nothing particularly interesting happens, the game inserts something about one of your provinces; usually this will be something like "An unusually large number of births in [Province]". Sometimes however you get something like "A three headed goat was born in [Province]."
  • Anyone can marry anybody of any age, which makes for some cringeworthy pairings such as a sixty year old ruler having a sixteen year old wife.
  • The Lustful trait is more of an incredibly useful trait to have rather than a disadvantage due to the fertility boost as it guarantees your dynasty's continuation... even if your ruler is sixty years old and his wife is sixteen.
  • The button text for some of the more dastardly actions frequently delves into Black Comedy. After successfully arranging for someone to die by poisoned wine, your character might comment, "I think I will celebrate with... beer."
  • A ruler with the Lunatic trait will sometimes randomly appoint their horse Glitterhoof to the post of chancellor, in reference to one of Caesar Caligula's shenanigans. This is funny by itself, but Conclave took it a step further and made Glitterhoof into an actual courtier with "Horse" culture, resulting in no end of silliness:
  • Due to the fact that the game provides little incentive for AI or player rulers to follow history, some bizarre culture/religion/location combinations can occur:
    • Such as Jewish Norse Greece.
    • Aztec Pope. That is all.
    • The Reaper's Due decision to seek a court physician has a chance of producing a traveling doctor with Game-Breaker stats and a randomly generated culture. Coincidentally or not, these stats and traits, including an obscene Learning score, are also considered favorable in Catholic clerical succession, so AI rulers with free investiturenote  frequently appoint them to bishoprics and often have them go on to become cardinals. Resulting in such absurd sights as a Mongol Pope.
  • The Lunatic event where your character seduces a rosebush can actually produce a child.
  • The Ruler Designer DLC offers players a pool of designer points with which to buy Traits, base Skill Points, Age, and Health/Hit Points (which determine lifespan and general vulnerability to disease). When it first came out most players naturally favoured a young ruler with a combination of good congenital traits (attractive, strong, massive geniuses) and a decent reserve of health, putting their remaining designer points into base stats. However, a handful of players - as a joke - took every imaginable negative trait (inbred, insane, incapable psychotics) and the maximum possible age (90 years young) to gain more designer points and dumped everything they had into Health Points. The result? Drooling vegetables who were functionally immortal, universally beloved due to their massive +75 'long reign' bonus, had no problems with rebellion, conquered the entire known world with the 'gavelkind' succession system, and were still going strong after half a millenia of 'rule' and showed no sign of dying anytime soon. Yes, the Ruler Designer allowed players to create their own God-Emperor Of Mankind.
    • Made even more hilarious by the fact that one of the events for improving the martial skill is pretty much your ruler kicking down the door of a hut and playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle with the serial numbers filed off with a bunch of teenage nerds.
  • Abusing excommunication for fun and profit. A player discovered he could farm gold by using his 17-year-old daughter to matrilineally marry rich old men (to bring them to his court), and then use his vassal patriarch to excommunicate them so he could imprison and execute them without penalty (causing their funds to revert to him as their liege). So absurdly brokenly villainous it probably wraps around the line half a dozen times. Then somebody made the picture up top in response and sent the whole forum into stitches.
  • Low Piety can cause a random event where your vassals and courtiers begin to consider you un-Christian. Even if you're all Muslims.
  • If the Mongol Empire refuses to ally with you, the tooltip for the refusal may include the comment "Too busy conquering the world and you're next".
  • The new education system in Conclave will often have AI Christian and Muslim rulers educate their children with randomly generated Jewish courtiers (or sometimes even stranger things such as pagan mercenary captains), causing hilarious chaos when their now-Jewish heirs inherit. Oy vey... (This could technically happen pre-Conclave, but the new Heritage and Faith education foci make it much more common.)
  • With the release of The Reaper's Due, court physicians will often prescribe nonsensical treatments for symptoms and illnesses. What makes this especially funny is how some of these treatments actually work in spite of their often ridiculous nature. This can lead to some absurd moments, such as castration being an effective treatment for smallpox or ritual suicide of the physician curing cancer.
  • The system that generates patronymics in many cultures can produce some strange results when cultures intermarry, such as Mael-Sechnaillez (Irish father, Basque daughter). It gets even weirder with characters like the Pope whose name changes upon coronation: the patronymic will be calculated based on their regnal name instead of their birth name. Another player reported having a character father a Spanish king and then be elected Pope, which led to the king's successor being King Honorius I after the Pope's regnal name.
  • When you plot to assassinate somebody, one of the ways to carry out the assassination is to use exploding manure.