Funny: Crusader Kings

Trailers and Promotional Material:

  • There can be some rather... odd AI interactions within the game. For example, as an Irish King, it's possible to (through bloodline ties to the throne) become nominated by a Faction to become King of England... and actually attain the throne. Granted, it's likely that your dynasty will be kicked off as soon as there's a Succession Crisis, but for that particular King's lifespan, you'll be wondering how the hell it happened.
  • There is a line of scripts that cause an old ruler to expire after consummating his marriage with an attractive, young, lustful wife. His wife gets the "depressed" trait after his death.
  • In certain cases, counties, duchies and kingdoms with the same name are seperate from each other due to independence revolts and the like. Behold; the three eastern powers of Perm, Perm & Perm.
  • Combining the "Commit Suicide" option and gaining prestige/ducats from marriages with royalty will make for some Black Humor.
  • The Way of Life expansion introduces, among other things, the ability to seduce courtiers. One of the event options after your love-making sessions goes "Vidi, Vici, Veni."
    • It is not only limited to courtiers. Female rulers can seduce other male rulers too. Your husband will get a -200 opinion penalty because you are a harlot and will confront you while throwing furniture around. The female ruler can then tearfully reassure him of her love and proceed to seduce other guys.
  • Commissioning a Runestone with a lunatic character made in Ruler Designer produces an interesting result.
    Kettil, proud son of a holy union between Odin, a wild mare and three forest gnomes, paid Óleifr handsomely to carve these runes. With his flying longship and crew of twelve singing rabbits, Kettil earned his fame by sailing across the Norse lands solving crime. May the Shining Tentacle preserve us all.
  • With the Charlemagne Expansion, Chronicles were added, listing all your accomplishments. In the event you have a year where nothing particularly interesting happens, the game inserts something about one of your provinces; usually this will be something like "An unusually large number of births in [Province]". Sometimes however you get something like "A three headed goat was born in [Province]."