Funny / Cross Region

  • A good number of Shade's intellectual comments on the things going on around her, complete with smarm for days.
  • The general abundance of meta humor, Lampshade Hanging, and occasional Medium Awareness exhibited by the cast and narration throughout the entire story.
    "How come we all have some oddity?" Shade asked aloud, but it was directed at no one in particular.
    Shiver shrugged. "It is beyond me. It's something many of the characters in this RP have in common, eh?" he said through his meditating.
  • "Serena nudged Chris gently. 'Shall we try it?'" "Try what? Sorry, w-we were standing here for so long doing nothing that I forgot."
    • And from the following scene at the Pastoria Gym: "Crasher Wake smiled and nodded. "I'm proud to give you those two items, you and your pokemon earned them well. Farewell!" Calling out his rested Floatzel, he surfed away elsewhere to heal his other two pokemon."
  • ""Nothing except a big a-" Light interrupted Piper, screaming and running around in circles. Piper scorched Light and inhaled, trying to continue. The latter fell over in pain. "Nothing except a big a$$-whooping."
    • "See ya' later, fuzzball. By the way, you're so ugly and you stink so bad you make onions cry. [To Tsume] You too, dragon boy - you must've been born by Justin Bieber!"
  • "H-h-how....that's impossible! His thoughts...THEY'RE IN LATIN!"
  • "A sign soon came into view. It read 'Trapping Caverns- Enter To Dump Captured Pokemon.' In almost invisible letters at the bottom it said 'Property of Plasma.'"
  • Following Crystallite's (now christened "Flash") reincarnation at Spear Pillar, Vladimir sets out to catch up with the rest of his group in Unova, and brings Rikki, Shiver, and Flash along for the journey. The former two hitch a ride on the king's back, but Flash assumes they'll be leaving the mountain on foot and ends up left in the dust when the other three fly off without her. She resorts to jumping - or rather, tumbling - down the face of the mountain just to catch up.
    Flash: "Ehh, I sure didn't think about this at all..."
  • Shiver is momentarily given a Transformation Stone, which he tries out by using it to "evolve" into a Samurott. He immediately decides that it's not his cup of tea and changes back.
    "And now...I remember why I sleep on top of a bed of everstones."
  • Some of Gamil-Sin's troops encounter Darius shortly after the main group's airship crashes near Mt. Coronet. Alida returns to her patrol group to find that all of them have perished in the assault... except for the two Bronzong that flocked her from the beginning, who are still chanting, "All hail Gamil-Sin!" despite being injured.
  • After Nero has dragged Piper and Serena down to his lair for experimentation, the two of them eventually manage to fight back and escape from his clutches. He casts a hex upon Serena, content enough with that, and turns to head back to his quarters... only for his wife to promptly appear and drag him away by force for staying out too long.
  • Edward the Volcarona's introduction in the midst of a scrap between Bella and Twilight. His Bishie Sparkles are so prominent that his appearance alone blinds Chordelia for a moment, and Bella has to shield her eyes.
    Edward: "Bella, deary, it's Edward! Your blood knight — who likes to think he's a fabulous vampire — in sparkly armor is here~! ♥"
    Bella: "What in the world...? You can't possibly be another shadow, can you? Because you don't look the part for sure..."