Funny / Crest of the Stars

  • Lafiel's father's joke about the cat being Lafiel's "mother". More hilarious given that Lafiel was only eight years old at the time, so she honestly got worried that she would begin to grow paws and whiskers. When Lafiel tells this story, Jinto is rolling with uncontrollable laughter at the thought, to her chagrin.
  • Since the Abh spend half the time snarking at each other this pops up a lot. One particular exchange went like this:
    Trife: The people in the Intelligence Bureau aren't fit to feed cats!
    Crewmember: I take offense to that sir.
    Trife: That's right. You recently transferred from the Intelligence Bureau, didn't you? Very well. I retract my statement: The people in the Intelligence Bureau are perfectly suited for feeding cats.
    Trife's Lieutenant: I'm sure the Information Bureau would be honored by your assessment sir.
  • Spoor is always good for a laugh:
    • When she's getting threats of ground warfare from a captured planet.
    President: As members of the United Mankind, it is our duty to challenge your imperialist advance onto our homeland! And it is a strong conviction! By the day's end, you shall know the power we have!
    Spoor: Well, good luck with that. *cuts him off*
    Spoor: Am I to understand that the President wanted me to reply with a demand for his surrender?
    Kufadiss: And to pepper that demand with racial slurs and pejoratives.
    Spoor: Hmm... "ground swine"... "mud-turtles"... those would have been good. Crass, but somehow refreshing!
    Kufadiss: *thinking* Oh, no! I hope she doesn't start using those phrases for kicks!
    • Kufadiss has his own moment during negotiations with the President:
    Kufadiss: I assure you, most Abh would find her actions strange.
    President: So what you're saying is that your commander is not normal.
    Kufadiss: Shhhh!
    President: I'm sorry. Hypothetically speaking, if you were in command of this operation, what would your response have been?
    Kufadiss: I would have said... "Good luck with that, Mr. President."
    • And sure enough: the next time Spoor orders an advance, she does so by saying "All right, ground swine and mud-turtles, prepare to meet your doom!" with a giant smile on her face, as Kufadiss Face Palms in the background.
    I won't tolerate being an Archduchess. But tacky titles like Emperor are best suited to the Abriels. My name is Spoor!
    • Spoor buying time against a superior enemy fleet:
    Spoor: We have no wish to battle, and promise to leave this system within six hours. We request you delay your advance.
    U.M. Fleet: We will grant you one hour, after which, you will withdraw.
    Spoor: That is not enough time, we require twenty-four hours.
    U.M. Fleet: First you ask for six hours, and then twenty-four? You have us baffled.
    Spoor: Our previous transmission was a mistake.
    U.M. Fleet: We demand to know why you have quadrupled your time request.
    Spoor: We'll tell you after you accept.
    U.M. Fleet: What are your reasons for this secrecy?
    Spoor: That's also a secret.
    • This conversation continues for over thirty minutes, before Spoor finally explains the situation and the United Mankind gives her two hours to leave.
    • Thirty minutes of actual communication. Spoor is counting on light speed lag to buy more time each back-and-forth exchange.
  • The Running Gag in Banner I over what exactly happened between Dusanyu's Chief of Staff and one (or both) of the Bebaus brothers.
    Dusanyu: But there's still a problem: I still don't know if it was Nereis or Nefee...
    Kenesh: Your Highness, I have devoted half my life to the Star Forces.
    Dusanyu: Indeed. If anyone questions your loyalty, let them be brought before me, and I shall be happy to correct them.
    Kenesh: And I have the utmost respect and love for the Imperial Family.
    Dusanyu: Thank you for saying so.
    Kenesh: So please understand how difficult it is for me to say this to you...
    Dusanyu: And what is that?
    Kenesh: Shut up!