Funny / Creed

The band

  • On their 2012 tour, Scott Stapp would introduce "With Arms Wide Open" by saying how it used to be his son Jagger's (for whom the song was written) favorite song, before sarcastically quipping "And then 'Moves Like Jagger' came out."
  • Scott Stapp reviews Creed. "Speaking as the lead singer of Creed, we never met Rocky Balboa..."

The Film

  • Rocky prints out a training schedule for Adonis. Adonis takes a picture with his cell phone. When Rocky mentions the cell phone might break, Adonis says it is already up in the Cloud. Rocky looks up, wondering what he meant.
  • When Adonis is waiting at Bianca's door for her to get ready, a random guy walks down the stairs past him and without missing a beat says, "Good luck, man."
  • Rocky prepares to have fun watching Adonis go through his old training method of chasing a chicken. Adonis catches it after a only bit of trouble, and Rocky says the chickens must be slowing down.
    • Pay attention to Rocky's attitude during the training-from-hell montage that he puts Donnie through. After years and years of torturing himself to get in shape, one gets the impression that Rocky is very amused that now he gets to be the guy driving to the gym…while the trainee runs desperately after the car.
  • Right after Adonis gets his gloves on for his first legit fight, he asks for help removing them so he can go to the bathroom. Initially, it seems like he's just having a panic attack due to the stress of the upcoming fight, and the whole thing seems like it's being played for drama - until he opens his mouth and goes "I gotta take a shit!"
  • After Creed wins his first legit fight, Creed says he, Rocky, and Bianca are gonna go crazy in Philly. Smash Cut to all three of them crashed out on the couch, exhausted, with several opened tubs of ice cream in front of them while Skyfall is playing muted on the TV.
  • When Rocky objects to Adonis moving in with him, Adonis asks if it's because he walks around naked. Rocky denies it, then says Adonis better not do it, either.
  • In a blink-and-you-miss-it Brick Joke, Rocky has apparently started marketing his off-the-cuff response to Adrian asking why he fights, "Because I can’t sing or dance," with Adonis wearing a sweatshirt that has it on the back.
  • Rocky as Adonis is doing clapping push-ups: "We used to do that one hand. I don't wanna say anything though..."
    • Cue Donnie immediately changing to one-arm push-ups.
  • After the big fight in the finale, Donnie thanks his adopted mother, saying he loves her even though she's mad at him for fighting but he hopes he made her proud. Cut to his mother, at home, having a glass of wine after watching the match going:
    "You almost gave me a heart attack, but I'm proud of you."