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Funny: Creature Comforts
  • One of the crows (or ravens, or whatever they are) in the Birds episode apparently thinks birds fly the way Peter Pan does: By having a happy thought! Being happy most of the time. And this is coming from a bird associated with darkness and grimness.
  • The Vet episode is comedy gold, but one bit that stands out to me is the horse on the table, saying that he's taken a lot of pills in his life, "About 23,000." Now that's a funnily specific number.
  • US example: The bulldog couple have an Odd couple thing that is so funny.
    "What am I afraid of? Anyone who knows more about me then they should. And I married her, so I live in constant fear." (He says the last part with a smile and his wife right next to him.)
  • Another moment from the US series, the gerbil (or possibly hamster, it's hard to tell) talks about a fear he had as a child that it both hilarious and slightly horrifying.
    "As a child I was afraid that my parents were going to murder me. And once I had lived long enough and they didn't I guess I had a pretty much a trend going towards not being murdered. So I got over that pretty quick."
  • In the US series, one of the elderly lions' answer to the question "Have you ever killed a man?" The pauses as he thinks about his answer are priceless.
    "Killed a anger?...You mean deliberately...with intent? An assassination?...Deliberately?...(raises a finger) Never, never without a reason that was not normal."
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