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Funny: Cougartown
  • The first Season Finale.
  • Jules finds out Laurie and Grayson slept together before she and Grayson started dating, and her decision over who to be mad at turns into a full-blown parody of The Bachelor.
  • Laurie's extensive coffee order. Her delivery also makes it Rapid-Fire Comedy.
    Laurie: Oh, hey, Rach. Now, bear with me, I have to order for everyone: Okay, I'll have one Soy Largie, one Teeny Tiny, one Teeny Teeny Tiny Unleaded, one Plain Jane, extra Yum— what the hell, make it a double Yum— Uhhh, a Baby Joey, a Midnight with a Full Moon (hold the pumpkin), a medium coffee, I need a Heavy D, in a travel mug, please, two Crazy Ivans, a Sauron's Eye— also, I need a Damn! and an iced Damn!, a Sneaky Pete, a Double Drip with a snip of whip, and a Frap-Cap, heavy on the (imitating the blender) crcccrcccrcrch! crcrcrrrchcrcrch! Oh, and let's see, what's fresh? Okay, well I'll take three Raisin Happy Muffins, a French Moustache, and— ugh, a Fart Muffin, that is not for me. Oh, and I forgot to order my own coffee! Can I get a Taye Diggs, which is black and extra strong and smooth, but also very sweet?
    Rachel: (stares at Laurie, dumbfounded)
  • The funeral for Big Joe, Jules' beloved oversized wine glass.
    • There was also a funeral for the even bigger Big Carl, who has since been replaced by Big Lou.
    • Big Lou "died" in the season 4 two-part finale, and has been replaced by Big Tippi
  • On 2x20, Grayson's impression of Travis is probably the hardest the show has even made me laugh, but then it was followed by he and Jules kissing...
  • Jules, Grayson and Travis eating "caveman style"
  • The tag at the end of the season 4 premiere, which parodies the "coming this season" previews by showing events that WON'T happen including Jules, Ellie and Laurie all getting pregnant by the same man, Jules actually being a witch, and a cameo by Michelle Williams as Laurie's step-sister
  • I always laugh at dudes in dresses. Its a staple of British comedy!
  • Jules wins a dodge ball match by getting hit on the face a lot
  • About Top Gun: If (Goose and Maverick) kissed it'd be a more honest movie wouldn't it?
  • Andy telling Lisa that he's willing to commit to a relationship by taking out LIVE snakes from his pockets. It Makes Sense in Context
  • From the season 4 finale:
    • This exchange
    Jules: You know what the problem is with drinking when you're really sad?
    Tom: No.
    Jules: Me neither. Let's order another bottle
    • Grayson's terrible audition tape to Hollywood casting agencies
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