Funny / Cori Falls

Yes, you're reading this right. For all the groan-inducing bad puns, immature cracks about Jessie and James's sex life and mean-spirited knocks at Ash and friends, there are a few moments that at least got a chuckle out of some readers.

  • "Dey're the best glittery plastic money can buy!" from A Phony Matrimony.
  • Jessie and James dressing Meowth up as a baby so they can go out to dinner together (the restaurant doesn't allow Pokemon) and Meowth throwing a tantrum when they won't stop calling him "pookie".
  • Jessie's and James's complaints about losing their hair to the Scyther become pretty ridiculous if you consider that they're so traumatized the ghost of Jessie's mother has to show up and put things right.
  • If you're the spiteful sort, seeing Jessie, James and their friends harassed by Ash is pretty amusing.
  • In What the BLANK?!, a Match Game Pokemon fic written by Cori, Pro. Oak (the host) asks this question: "Rude Rita is so rude—that at last night's dinner party she washed her BLANK in the finger pool," Tracey, ( a contestant who is being mecilessly bullied and falsely characterized as being a stupid fat pervert) gives us this answer: "BEEF JERKY!!"
  • In "The Thrill of Defeat", after Jessie and James wake up the morning after having sex for the first time, Jessie says that they should have a special breakfast to celebrate. James' response? "Two bowls of cold cereal coming right up!" Of course, Jessie is displeased, and then James reveals that he was kidding, and they make French toast instead.
  • One fic, "The Fellowship of the Rocket and Their Fu King Adventure", has the trio visit a Chinese restaurant called "Fu King". Naturally, they make tons of puns on this name, and their waiter even joins in at one point. Later in the fic, it's mentioned that the restaurant had mysteriously changed its name overnight...