Funny / Contra

  • Your rewards for getting a rank of S in Shattered Soldier and Neo are this and this. Doubles as Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • As soon as you begin the first stage of Contra III, you see a fancy sportscar (which you can blow away) standing next to a billboard advertising cars like it. Just a few minutes later, you pass another billboard for the same dealer ship, standing under the tank you hop into.
  • In what is possibly the funniest scene in Neo Contra, outside of the extra movie, is when Bill and Jaguar confront Animal Contra, who is a talking dog. His Evil Laugh consists of a typical laugh with dog barks mixed in, and when Animal Contra tells Bill and Jaguar that he plans on self-destructing his aircraft carrier just to get rid of Bill and Jaguar, we get this gem:
    Bill: You dog! You're going to sacrifice your own men!
  • The ending of Contra 4 on Hard Mode.
    "The Alien Wars have ended at long last! With Black Viper destroyed, the motives behind the attacks remain a mystery. Whatever the truth may have been, it was lost to time as the invaders became a mere footnote in the pages of history. A footnote which read "they sure blew up good."