Funny / Contra

  • Your reward for getting a rank of S in Shattered Soldier and Neo are this and this. Doubles as Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • Let me put it this way: The extra movie of Shattered Soldier has Bill Rizer and Sparkster fighting it out to the tune of random people making drunken noises, while the extra movie of Neo has Jaguar defeating many enemies by slashing them with his katana, then destroying a giant robot that causes the entire Earth to explode. Then Bill and Jaguar are swimming through space while gay man noises are heard humming in the background.
  • As soon as you begin the first stage of Contra 3, you see a fancy sportscar (which you can blow away) standing next to a billboard advertising cars like it. Just a few minutes later, you pass another billboard for the same dealership, standing under the tank you hop into
  • In what is possibly the funniest scene in Neo Contra outside of the extra movie is when Bill and Jaguar confront Animal Contra, who is a talking dog. His Evil Laugh consists of a typical laugh with dog barks mixed in, and when Animal Contra tells Bill and Jaguar that he plans on self-destructing his aircraft carrier just to get rid of Bill and Jaguar, Bill says, "You dog! You're going to sacrifice your own men!"