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  • From the Pictionary episode,

  • Metal Warriors pretty much made everyone's day.
    • The tale of Private Buttfin and his renegade quest to destroy those who attempt to get rid of Space Weed, which was outlawed by Mitt Romney III on request by his wife, Angelica.
    • The ending of their run.

  • "Cancer research: Cancelled! Pussy lip research: All the money!"

  • From Rex Ronan - Experimental Surgeon

  • From The Game of LIFE
    Paul: I gotta say, like life, it gets boring fast. Game over. *Beat* I don't want to commit suicide, I'm just joking.
    Nick: Freeze frame on Paul...
    Nick: Will you remember me?
    Josh: In the arms of an angel.
    Nick: We sang two different fucking Sarah McLachlan songs!
    Josh: We fucking love Sarah McLachlan!!

  • From Super Turrican: They stop the Super Turrican from destroying walking backwards.

  • From Shinobi 3: When the game presents the text "Developed For Use Only With NTSC Genesis Systems," Paul says, "Yeah, that's what this is, idiot!" This is immediately followed by an emulator menu popping up.
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