Funny / Contest of Champions

The third Contest

  • From issue 7, Outlaw explaining to Jake Gallows why he quit as the "British Punisher":
    Nigel: "All right. It just... got too much, yeah? All of it. I mean, for a start, there was this serial killer..."
    Jake: "Serial killer?"
    Nigel: "Went round killing greengrocers. He'd pose them—the corpses—with little bits of lettuce."
    Jake: "Lettuce...?"
    Nigel: "Little bits shaved off the end of the lettuce, yeah. Horrible. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Eh? Eh?"
  • Issue 9 has Bullseye (an alternate Elektra), angrily muttering to herself in Greek. Then White Fox and Ares respond - since White Fox is trained in multiple languages, and Ares is Ares.
    • Meanwhile, Outlaw doesn't speak Greek, and has no idea what anyone's saying.
  • Issue 10: Outlaw is confronted by an alternate version of Frank Castle, who demands at gunpoint the truth. Outlaw quickly explains everything. And Frank believes it instantly.