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Funny: Connecting The Dots
  • Sai thinking everything is a genjutsu killed this troper.
  • Drunk Sakura's conversation with Batman. Full of irony and awesomeness. Plus, Sakura is a very funny drunk.
  • "Bats, you're paranoid," replied Flash, shooting the crimefighter a smirk. "You never think ANYONE is dead." A shrug. "They never are."
    • Superman continued, "I suppose an 'I'm sorry' doesn't quite cover my beating you to an inch of your life, but if you…" "It's okay." Naruto interrupted, hoping to get past the issue already. "You'd be surprised how often that sort of thing happens."
  • After Naruto thwarts a bank robbery with all the precision of Hancock.
    • Superman looked around, at the long trench in the pavement, the burst fire hydrant at the end of it, the decapitated car (leaking oil), the bent lamp post, the crook with the concussion, the OTHER one with several cracked ribs and some internal bleeding, and the terrified people standing around watching it all. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Naruto." He said. "Let's talk about control."
  • Naruto, giddy with being able to fly briefly, creates a bunch of Shadow Clones. He realizes that he can fly, while they cannot. They immediately drop to the ground and dissipate.
  • Early on in the story, when the League is discussing the "dimensional invaders,"
    Batman: No, no. I mean, isn't that Question's city? Why didn't you call him in on it?
    Hawkgirl: He must be off on one of his conspiracy trails. Wouldn't want us 'tracing' him, I suppose. I hate to think of what he's doing right now.
    Kiba: Dude, you're some kind of crazy!
    The Question: Tell me what you know!
  • Practically everything Gai does in this story is hilarious, but his best moment would have to be his Dynamic Entry into a giant battle at the Metro Tower. Green Arrow and Mr. Terrific can do little more than stare in shock. Then when he leaves them, they hear this exchange:
    Gai: Ah-ha! And who are you, my youthful friend?
    The Creeper: They call me the yellow-skinned wacky man! But I prefer the Creeper.
    Gai: You are well met, friend Creeper!
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