!''Company of Heroes''
* Here's a collection of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mwJaQCf6to funny quotes]].
* Whenever a unit drops a ClusterFBomb, [[OhCrap panics at the sight of superior force]], [[JoinTheArmyTheySaid gripes about the conditions of the war in general]], [[WhatTheHellPlayer calls out the actions of the player]] ([[StopPokingMe especially if they click him too many times]]), [[BreakingTheFourthWall Breaks The Fourth Wall]], [[TakeAThirdOption or does any combination of the above]], odds are it's sidesplitting.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3azxIAWJdh0 Tune in here]] to [[PoirotSpeak listen to]] [[JustAStupidAccent the funniest lines of]] ThoseWackyNazis - [[NoSwastikas oops, I mean "Those Wacky Germans"]].
--> [[SeriousBusiness WAR is a SERIOUS matter!!]] '''[[PrecisionFStrike FUCK]]''' [[StopHavingFunGuys YOU!!!]]\\
Yes sir, ''yes'' sir, ''YES'' sir, '''FUCK OFF, SIR!!!'''\\
Clickety-click. Clickety FUCKING CLICK! Fucking Scheiße!\\
Who is doing that incessant button-tapping?\\
Reinhardt! Fart into the radio. Yes sir. [''fart noise'']
** Especially funny in that video is two quotes link up amusingly:
Hiding, keep it quiet!
* Nearly all of the StopPokingMe lines each unit has. To give some examples:
-->Gunner! [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou Point the turret up at that camera in the sky!]]\\
[[BreakingTheFourthWall Go back to the main menu]], [[EasyModeMockery and try out the tutorial]].\\
No! I will not take my clothes off if you keep clicking.\\
Oh, hello wanker! What do you want?!\\
Gordon Bennett, not you again!
* Airborne Paratroopers take it UpToEleven, especially if you poke them in the middle of a battle.
-->AIRBORNE! Wanna go blow up HQ!?\\
You click me one more time and I will [[PrecisionFStrike FUCKING]] smoke you.\\
In case you didn't notice, THERE'S A FUCKING WAR OUT THERE!!!
* Ordering infantry ''without'' anti armor weapons to attack armored vehicles tends to give some hilarious WhatTheHellPlayer responses.
-->'''American Infantryman:''' [[LeeroyJenkins Those tanks aren't so scary!]] (Quickly whispers to player) [[WhatTheHellPlayer Sir, are you fucking drunk?]]\\
'''German Sniper:''' ([[DeadpanSnarker Utterly Deadpan)]] [[GratuitousGerman Jawohl]]. [[WhatAnIdiot Attacking their armor... with my rifle]].
* A cut scene in the second mission of the original campaign has this amusing conversation between a Wehrmacht Grenadier and his squad mate.
-->'''Squad leader:''' Hans, your coffee sucks. I'm not drinking this crap!
-->'''Hans:''' I'm not your mother you asshole, make your own goddamned coffee!
* Some of the Volksgrenadier quotes in battle are quite hilarious, with the squad leader bemoaning the [[SurroundedByIdiots sheer incompetence of his squad.]]
-->'''Squad Leader while in combat:''' Volksgrenadiers, God damn it! Try '''ACTUALLY''' aiming!\\
'''Squad Leader, again in combat''' Volks, for the love of God, stop embarrassing yourselves!\\
'''Squad, on the move''': Right foot left foot you idioten! We'll try shooting next."\\
'''When stopping''': Halt! ...ugh, I feel like a teacher at the Hilfschule, I swear!”
** The Germans in general are hilarious.
-->Reinhard? Fart into the radio!\\
Yes sir! *pptht*\\
Panzerschreck! Time to UNPIMP HIS RIDE!\\
(in a calm jovial tone) First class battle taxi. Driver! A reichsmark extra if you turn around and head for fucking Germany.\\
You think you get a tip for dropping us off in combat?!\\
Stefan, your boots are on backwards, [[ForeignCussWord Dummkopf!]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quVPmOkt9Lw The]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTSoDHq1e6M Wehrmacht]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TM2wtakgSp8 Officer]] deserves mention for being a LargeHam! A few choice phrases.
-->I am steel! [[OhCrap Oh shit!]]\\
Where are they? Where are those fuckers?\\
(dying) Ahhhh! Stop, I ''command it''!\\
You have been at the candy again, haven't you?\\
* out of breath* I really must get in better shape.\\
I am your Leutnant, you will salute when I arrive!\\
Increase production now, or I will shoot you as saboteurs.\\
That is impossible, are you ''a spy''?
* Face it, who's tempted not to capture the last CP in second single-player mission before placing mines after mines on the convoy's route?
* The description of ''Gilroy's Harbor'', a skirmish/multiplayer map.
--> The residents of Oye swore they would rename their small harbor in honor of the first Allied soldier to liberate them. Lucky for them, [[WhatCouldHaveBeen Private Gilroy was one step ahead of]] [[UnfortunateNames Corporal Butts]].
* American infantrymen sometime complain if you order them to build sandbags or deploy barbed wire.
-->'''Soldier''': [[NotWhatISignedUpFor I didn't come all the way to Europe to do this.]]\\
'''Soldier''': Sandbags completed, if I see one more bag of [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] dirt...
* Three US Engineer quotes are also chuckle-worthy:
--> "[[JoinTheArmyTheySaid Join the army, they said]]. [[RecruitersAlwaysLie It will be fun, they said]]."
--> "If a goddamn mouse farts on this minefield, [[LargeHam I WANT HIS ASS BLOWN SKY HIGH]]!"
--> '''When under attack''': "We're getting the piss pounded out of us!"
* The Tiger Ace's gunner sounds stangely like a [[StonersAreFunny stoner]].[[note]]The Tiger Ace Gunner's quotes start at 5:19 in the second video linked above[[/note]]
-->'''Tiger Ace Gunner''': I could use a good steak. Oh I forgot I don't eat beef.\\
Now I want some bacon. I love the smell of bacon. That's my favorite smell in the world. Bacon.\\
I bet there's hay in that barn. Lots of hay. You know what you could do with that much hay don't you? Yeah, I don't.\\
I saw some real people yesterday. Frenchies I think. They didn't look too happy.\\
[[AllMenArePerverts Actually, I just like to see naked women. It doesn't matter where. Or how.]]
* Occasionally, as troops march through the countryside and see something (for example, a dead cow), they may comment something amusing:
--> '''Panzergrenadier, when seeing a random tractor''': "For a moment I thought I saw a French tank he he.."
--> '''Grenadier''': "I swear I've been over this cow TEN FUCKING TIMES!
--> '''Airborne''': "Mmm... BEEF!"
* The British are usually more serious and stiff-lipped than the rest of the factions, but they can also say some funny quotes (especially when overclicked), often being the [[ComicallySerious Comically Serious]]:
--> "Ah bloody hell, which one of you bastards shite his pants?"
--> '''Kangaroo driver, when clicked many times''': "No time for your incessant questions!"
--> '''Kangaroo driver, again when overclicked''': "He's not that kind of kangaroo. Are you daft?"
--> '''Bren Carrier, when overclicked''': "Bren here, here, HEREEEE!!"
--> '''Sapper, when clicked too many times''': "No, I will not take my clothes off if you keep clicking."
** [[MeanBrit Infantry Section sergeants]] are quite the [[DeadpanSnarker Deadpan Snarkers]], [[UptoEleven especially]] when chewing poor [[ButtMonkey Duffy]].
--> (When entering a church): "Come on, let's see if [[ButtMonkey Duffy]] burts into flames."
--> "Duffy, fuel, and you're [[WhatanIdiot smoking a cigga-fucking-rette]]!"
--> "Command ordered this rain just for you, Duffy."
--> "(Also said in rainy weather): You're wishing for a rubber ducky, Duffy, you stupid meek?"
* The Hotchkiss commander occasionally complains about ending commanding this French tankette, because of its [[TheAllegedCar poor armor]]:
--> "Grandmother's wagen has more armor than this rusty can."
--> "Why do we get always stuck driving the Franzpanzer?"
** Taken [[UptoEleven Up to Eleven]] when under effective fire:
--> '''When under fire''': "Another shot!? We're still alive!?"
--> '''When critical''': "[[GratuitousGerman Commandant]]. I'm not dying in this French sardine can!"
--> '''When fleeing''': "Drive! I don't care where, just drive!"
** But he would still prefer it over serving in the infantry:
--> "She may be French, but her cannon packs more punch than your pistol."
--> "I'd rather crew the Franzpanzer, than serve in the Volksgrenadiers."

!''Company of Heroes 2''
* Here's a collection of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaF_dkuGLjE funny quotes]].
* When infantry squads get wiped out, your announcer will tell you that. While that happens playing as the Russians, he'll sometimes say so... [[{{Beat}} and add a second later]] [[NoSympathy that their clothes and weapons belong to the State]].
** If infantry freeze to death while playing as the Russians, you may hear the announcer complain that if your troops freeze to death, [[WeHaveReserves they cannot die fighting the enemy]], pretty much in those exact words.
** When you upgrade the Russian headquarters to have medics around it, the announcer will occasionally have his announcement accompanied by stressing "... but only for those who are ''seriously'' wounded!"
* Selecting a Conscript squad on a winter map occasionally has them respond "... I think I have snow in my pants." said quietly, as if you've interrupted him talking to himself or his squadmates.
* The tutorial video narrator delivers this gem in the Cover and Flanking Tutorial video:
-->You will undoubtedly hear [[ClusterFBomb a lot of F-words]] on the battlefield, but the most important one is '''Flank'''.
* What a Grenadier squad may say when they get promoted:
-->I know we have been promoted, but does that include a pay raise?
* German mortar crews can respond to being promoted with "Apparently, we've been promoted!", doing a LampshadeHanging of how rather video game-y the veterancy system is in relation to indirect fire squads that (ideally) avoid ever personally seeing the enemy.
** The American Lieutenant from ''The Western Front Armies'' similarly frequently says dialogue with a tone of annoyance on how he's being notified of being promoted while he's, of course, in the middle of a fight.
* Ordering a Pak 40 crew to move may have its squad leader yell out:
-->We [[EatTheDog ate the horse]], remember? Get pulling!
** This one also counts as a GeniusBonus, as the popular image of the German war machine focuses on all the cool tanks and other fighting vehicles and overlooks the fact that, even at their very best ThoseWackyNazis still ran a major portion of their field army—and almost all of their logistics—on draft horses. Most which were eaten at the Eastern Front when the ''Heer's'' logistics utterly collapsed in the winter. The US was actually the only major power to fully rely on trucks instead.
* German idle chatter occasionally mentions that the Americans keep complaining about Pioneer spam, an infamous multiplayer strategy in the first game.
** Another piece of German chatter comes from one of them mentioning that [[CallBack Hans has been transferred to France... and how glad they are that means they don't have to deal with his coffee.]]
* Grenadier squads ordered to attack-move can say:
-->Fire at will! '''No, not at Wilhelm!''' He owes me money.
* One of the OhCrap lines from a Soviet Conscript facing a [[PyroManiac Flamethrower]] is "'''[[OhNoNotAgain I'm getting TIRED of this SHIT!!!]]'''" Makes you wonder how many times he had faced a flamethrower before being recruited into your army.
** Likewise, when being shot at [[MoreDakka by a machine gun]], he may scream:
-->"[[PunctuatedForEmphasis I.]] ''[[ItsXIHateX Hate!]] '''[[SkywardScream MACHINE GUUUUUUUUUUUNS!!!]]'''''"
** Also, the sergeant may say this gem when he orders his squad to garrison a vehicle:
-->"I do not care if you get carsick! [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Get.]]. In. The. VEHICLEEEEEEE!!!"
* When destroyed, the commander of the Russian Scout Car may express regret for having been the FragileSpeedster of the Red Army.
-->I should have been a tankist!
* It turns out that the Commissar which appears at your headquarters while Order 227 is active is aptly named 'commissar_of_death_227_mp' in the game's code.
* Ordering Panzergrenadiers with Panzerschrecks into a building causes a hilarious inversion of ReadTheFreakingManual:
-->I KNOW it's technically impossible to shoot a Panzerschreck from an enclosed position. '''''[[SuddenlyShouting Don't read the]] [[PrecisionFStrike FUCKING]] [[SuddenlyShouting manual next time]]'', [[NoSympathy and you won't care so much!!]]'''
* A lot of the battle chatter from the Wehrmacht units can be quite chuckle worthy.
-->Machine gun has us pinned! Any lower and I'm going to be fucking this ground!
-->(after scoring a kill) We gave them the chance to surrender!... Didn't we?
-->Antitank gun is firing! ({{Beat}}) ''Hey assholes, we're Panzer GRENADIERS, not PANZERS!''
-->I suppose if they are ''very'' lucky they can give us a headache with that AT Rifle!
* One random bit of German infantry chatter has him sum up the Hell of the Eastern Front with a simple, elegant poem.
--> [[RosesAreRed Roses are red, Violets are blue.]] ''I'm stuck on the Eastern Front...'' '''[[SuddenlyShouting AND SO ARE]] [[PrecisionFStrike FUCKING]] ''[[SuddenlyShouting YOU!!!]]'''''
** This line was actually made up by one of their players ([=HelpingHans=]), and Relic Entertainment clearly decided they had to put it in the game.
* ''2'' also continues the tradition of having hilarious chatter for the German troops.
-->He chewed me out for not saluting, but I had my hands full. I thought he was being a real prick...
-->The regimental doctor inspected the battalion and found that everyone had The Clap. Even Reinhardt, [[BeyondTheImpossible and I'm pretty sure he's a virgin]].
-->Ostfront, fucking hell. I'll give anything to fight the Westerners. Those Americans are always [[TakeThat complaining about Pioneer spam]].
-->When the T-34 first appeared, it was very intimidating, and then we realized the Soviets couldn't shoot or drive for shit.
-->For two hours they shelled us with artillery, and not with the little shit either. No, I'm talking the big stuff, 152s and 203s. My balls still haven't came back down.
-->We shot at that T-34 57 times with that little 37mm, '''57''' times, and they still couldn't find us! They finally surrendered, I guess they got a headache and gave up.
-->[[ViolationOfCommonSense You want us to attack an Elefant!?]] ({{Beat}}) Jawohl!
-->'''[[TankGoodness HEAVY PANZER]] [[CherryTapping UNDER INFANTRY ATTACK!!!]]''' ({{Beat}}) '''[[LampshadeHanging WHY AM I SHOUTING THIS!?]]'''
* The Russian units also have some funny lines:
-->I told mama I would see Elefants, Tigers, and Panthers. She thought I was visiting Moscow zoo.
-->No, I'm not defending German technical superiority, ''I'm stating the '''fucking''' obvious!''
-->Industrialization, that is the only reason we are still in this war... And my balls... My BIG BALLS!
-->Have you actually [[SuddenlyShouting HIT ANYTHING WITH THAT MORTAR?!]]
-->Flamethrower, idiot! It '''throws flames''', ''[[SuddenlyShouting USE IT!]]''
-->You have an anti-tank rifle; over ''there'', is a ''tank!'' [[SuddenlyShouting FIGURE IT OUT!]]
-->I am missing a biscuit! ({{Beat}}) ''STEALING'' IS ''NOT'' THE SOVIET WAY, COMRADES!
-->Katyusha. They call it "Stalin's Organ". ({{Beat}}) ''[[JustForFun/IThoughtItMeant No, a musical organ! Idiot!]]''
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQSSrbto9hQ Osttruppen]], who verbally embodies being the ChewToy when it comes to the battlefield. [[WhatTheHellPlayer Particularly if it's ordered to attack an armored target...]]
-->They want us to attack that Sturmpanzer. ({{Beat}}) [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer No, I'm serious! A STURMPANZER.]]
-->Sweet JESUS!! [[ViolationOfCommonSense You want us to attack an ''ELEFANT?!'']]
-->An Elefant... ({{Beat}}) ''[[ItHasBeenAnHonor It was good knowing you, my friends...]]''
-->KILL THAT TIGER!!! ...''Somehow!''
-->An Elefant! Shoot at the big fucker!
-->Taking fire from an assault tank! That's a FUCKING big gun they're shooting at us!
-->A FUCKING huge tank is shooting at us!
-->Contact! ({{Beat}}) ''[[ScreamsLikeALittleGirl Fuck]]'', it's an Elefant!!
* United Kingdom Forces' clearly Welsh Royal Engineer/Sapper squad have...well, quite a lot of lines for attack orders against infantry where the squad leader say their targets [[WithFriendsLikeThese are not the English, but shoot anyway/pretend their targets are the English]].
--> "Think of them as bloody English! THEN SHOOT."
--> "They 're not English but shoot anyway."
** They also have other funny quotes, some of them outright snark, and others being also surprisingly deep.
--> "It's not fun when you attract a lot of fire."
--> "Horrible great clanking thing, blow it to buggery."
--> "Alright lads fall back...in good order you fucking idiots."
--> "My sister is taken with a Yank; thinks he is going to take her to America when this is all done..."
--> "You know ever since I've joined this army I've heard every joke about coal mining, sheep and choirs, and they are all bloody boring''.
*** This one is actually quite deep. The squad leader descends from a coal mining area in South Wales and is labour-oriented. Apart from coal mining jokes, he was also probably told racist anti-Welsh sheep bestiality jokes from Englishmen, [[FridgeBrilliance thus his nasty (but hilarious) comments against the English can be seen as a reaction of resentment]]. This is also linked to an anti-English perception that England was unfairly benefiting from Wales' natural resources such as coal and water.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zze3ix7Wp6o One of the trailers]] for the ''The British Forces'' expansion shows off the [[MightyGlacier Churchill tank]]. At the end, a Churchill is seen parked next to a German squad [[NoSell fruitlessly emptying their rifles at it]], at which point:
-->'Ave a grenade, ya cheeky buggers!
-->''*The turret hatch opens and a grenade flies out, obliterating the attacking squad*''
-->That'll teach ya to keep away!
-->''*Churchill casually drives off*''
** The trailer for the Centaur Tank has the stinger of the eponymous tank shooting down German planes in the stylings of a type writer, complete with a ping sound as it revs back to open fire.
* The British Forces as a whole makes up for a severe lack of humor from the other factions. Filled with deadpan snark courtesy of the Infantry Sections who would make sarcastic quips to humorous small black humor banter. The Announcer also counts as he would deliver the announcements in the most pompous matter,
-->"Fire like buggery he said, so I did. Only an officer's arse got in the way and I got one week in the glass house and Rupert's shot bollocks gets a medal"
-->My god, a tank's been lost.