Funny / Commandos

  • In the "Guns of Savo Island" mission of Men of Courage, the cutscene when the team meets Wilson the cast away:
    Hi, Sir! Oh, I'm Sergeant Wilson, of the Light Brigade, Lancers' division, serving under Her Majesty Queen errrr... Victoria. Oh, I don't... I don't remember my number. Did you bring tea? Oh no? Oh, it's unexcusable! I've been waiting for a cup of tea for twenty years. And the last one who fell from the sky has no tea either. Oh, and the demons had put him to soak. This island you know... my island, is full of demons you know, they respect me but will skin you alive if they catch you, unless you hide in the vegetation and they won't see you. You will soon hear the thunder, I hear it everyday, you know. You'll hear the thunder in the tunnels too, so you can't sleep. I'll help you with my trumpet if you can silence the thunder forever, you know.
  • The opening cutscene of the "Saving Private Smith" mission of Men of Courage:
    The Thief: I'm always waiting around for you, guys.
    The Sniper: How rude. Hey, Sapper, what do you have to say to that?
    The Sapper: Well, I'll be a lot faster if I didn't have to carry all this equipment.
    The Thief: You will still be carrying your beer belly, ah ah!
    The Green Beret: Silence, I'm trying to communicate with headquarter. We're in position, Sir. Waiting orders.
    Officer at radio: As you know, we've sent here to Britanny in France to find and bring home a soldier of great importance to harbour him.
    The Green Beret: Excuse me, Sir. We're the best in the business, leave it to us.
    The Thief: Of course, we are, but this town center looks like a sort of Nazi convention.
    The Sapper: It looks like army Intelligence hasn't done its job, again.
    The Sniper: Indeed. There are a lot of groups of German soldiers, and enemy snipers.
    Officer at radio: I can send reinforcement if you want to wait.
    The Green Beret: No. That's not our style, Sir.
    The Sniper: We can do it ourselves.
    Officer at radio: Well. What can you see?
    The Green Beret: There's a group of allied soldiers trapped in a church.
    The Sapper: Doesn't look like having a lot of fun.
    The Green Beret: This is where we'll found our man.
    Officer at radio: His name is "Smith". [Unintelligible sentence]. He is in urgent need of medical assistance.
    The Sapper: We need to find a first aid kit.
    The Thief: This looks like [Unintelligible words].
    The Sapper: River's edge will be full of mines. It's what I'd do.
    The Sniper: We'll have to use the enemy resources, too.
    The Green Beret: We'll stay in contact by the radio, Sir. Over and out.
    Officer at radio: Good luck to you. Over and out.
    The Green Beret stabs a German soldier and triggers the alarm. He is spotted and captured, like the Sniper and the Sapper (who were trying to flee).
    The Thief (who managed to hide better): "It's not our style. It's not our style". We never learn how to say "No".
    • The whole scene is actually funnier in the French version of the game, where a few lines are different. The Sapper-Thief exchange at the beginning is "Someone to help me carrying my engineer stuff?" "In your dream, you Barrel!" and the Sniper line "We can do it ourselves" becomes "yeah... we like loneliness".