Funny / Coming Out On Top

  • Mark wondering if his penis would be photogenic.
  • Mark's head injury.
  • Torturing Ian with his Erotic Dream's detailing/teasing him about his dad or himself.
  • The Slurpy path. Just, all of it.
  • Near the end of Ian's path, Ian comes out to Penny by repeating Mark's coming out scene from earlier word for word; Penny realizes something is weird about the situation.
  • Phil's sex scene if Mark the wins the trivia contest. Doesn't matter who's on top; both outcomes are hilarious.
  • Mark smiling for his mug shot in Jed's route. He is even complimented at his nice smile.
  • Mark attending the party for Phil's dad while completely on the moon thanks to Ian's animal tranquilizers that he thought were antacids.
  • Depending on your sense of humour, if Mark continues to be weird on Amos' route, you'll get one of the weirdest endings in the game ending with a screenshot Mark blowing with a straw on someone's ass.