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Funny: Clone Wars Gambit
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi is basically a walking, snarking Crowning Moment of Funny in these books, especially when interacting with Anakin and Bail Organa, who are no slouches in the snark department themselves.
  • Anakin pestering Obi-Wan until he gives in and reveals the full nature of the injuries he received in the terrorist attack.
    Anakin: So. What was the damage?
    Obi-Wan (evasively): Various bumps and bruises. Abit of scorching. A cut here and there.
    Anakin (skeptical): And?
    Obi-Wan (uncomfortable): And really, there is no need to make a fuss. I hardly think I look at death's door. Do you?
    Anakin: Not now you don't. But then, everyone knows Master Vokara Che is a genius. So- what else?
    Obi-Wan (mumbling): Concussion. Broken hand. Broken leg. Broken shoulder. Cracked pelvis. Four broken ribs and a punctured lung. One or two internal organs jostled a bit.
    Anakin (Sarcasm Mode): Is that all? And to think I thought it was actually serious. That should teach me to overreact.
  • Obi-Wan's reaction to Bail's protestation that Lanteeb won't be as bad as Zigoola is both hilarious and provokes a ridiculous mental image.
    Bail: Have you ever heard of a planet called Lanteeb?
    Obi-Wan: We are not having this conversation. At this very moment I am asleep in the Jedi Temple having a nightmare.
    Bail: Hey, it's not that bad. I happen to know where Lanteeb is and it's nowhere near Wild Space. It's a back-world of the Outer Rim.
    Obi-Wan: And that, of course, makes things so much better. We should take the entire Jedi Council there for a picnic.
  • In Stealth, first a clone medic, then Anakin, then Admiral Yularen and then Bail Organa all make the mistake of making a fuss about Obi-Wan's injuries, causing a long progression of funny moments as he gets increasingly more irate. Let's just say that Obi-Wan really hates showing any signs of weakness.
  • Bail Organa deciding to confront Obi-Wan about how awful he looks whilst he is driving, so that Obi-Wan doesn't pitch him over the side of the speeder. He then threatens to throw Obi-Wan out of the speeder if he continues to claim that he's fine.
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