Funny: Claudio Castagnoli

aka: Antonio Cesaro
  • Botchamania featured two clips of Claudio Castagnoli accidentally tripping on the ringside steps, which he pays back by giving the steps a European Uppercut. Maffew has given each one their own YouTube video, so you can see both clips isolated here and here.
  • That such a serious guy would wrestle as Los Ice Creams' partner Very Mysterious Ice Cream at CHIKARA's inaugural King of Trios in 2007.
  • There's something humorous about how well Antonio Cesaro is playing along with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter in the "Real Americans," despite his prior characterization as a loud, proud Swiss.
    • And how he wears a mock-Don't Tread On Me flag around his neck like a cape.
  • During his feud with Sami Zayn on NXT, he declares himself in a backstage interview "The BOSS...of DA WORLD!", and his response to getting jumped by Zayn moments later, is to scream at the camera "ZAAAAAAAAAYYYYN!" like a supervillain.
  • 11/29/13 Smackdown. An early segment on the show featured a food eating contest, won by Titus O'Neil, whose prize as per Vickie Guerrero, is a match with Antonio Cesaro. Titus's full stomach meets Cesaro's giant swing. Surely you can figure out where this is going. note 
  • Since he legitimately speaks several languages, Cesaro often tapes interview segments for European television. In this one, he can barely stop himself from rolling his eyes as Rybaxel cut a promo in awful German.
  • On the JBL and Cole Show webseries, for a time, he would end them by making some type of Statler and Waldorf-esque comment about what he just saw. They were usually such groaners they easily landed in So Unfunny It's Funny.

Alternative Title(s):

Antonio Cesaro