Funny / Class Act

  • Principal Kratz's selecting a baseball bat to fend himself off against the juvenile delinquent present in his office.
  • Duncan trying to scoot away from Damita who kept scooting closer to him. Followed by Wedge and Popsicle doing the same action.
  • Popsicle trying to force a frog to lick candy during lab class.
    • We also see two guys go by whom are engaged in a water gun fight and one of the guys even has a Super Soaker.
  • Throughout the movie, Blade says Duncan's last name every way possible except for "Pinderhughes." Though of course this is mostly due to him being a jerk.
    Blade: It's me! Duncan Pincushion!
    Duncan: *sighs heavily* It's Pinderhughes...
  • Blade trying to teach Duncan how to dance.
  • Duncan with new found confidence meeting Blade at a club and showing him up by being obnoxious.
  • Popsicle finding out that Blade (i.e. Duncan) is the genius, and then cries about it.
  • Mr. John Pinderhughes excited about finding out about the odd noises, it is Duncan and Damita having sex... instead of Duncan and Blade, as he feared he would eventually discover.
  • This exchange:
    Blade: Your son going to be one hell of a homey! Nice cups.
    John: Did he say "homo"?
    Judy: *gasps*
  • At one point, Mink is yelling at his minions and asks one of them about if he knew where Duncan (Blade) was and he mentions that he "forgot", to which Mink replies, "How the hell can you forgot—I mean, forget?!" Most likely a Throw It In!.
  • After Mink and his minions kidnap Duncan and, still believing he is Blade, says,
    Mink: Michael Charles 'Blade' Brown. Nice 'do.
    *They all start laughing at him*
    Mink: I crack me up, y'all!
    *They laugh at him again*
  • And later, while Duncan was still in their possession:
    Mink: *While pulling out his gun* I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cause you some serious brain damage.
    Duncan: That-that would cause more than serious brain damage: more like cerebral hemorrhage?
    *They all begin to laugh again*
  • Wedge's Inelegant Blubbering before and after being confronted by Mink and his his goons.
    *tearfully* Yeah, let's kick his ass!
  • Wedge confronting Popsicle over some drug money he owes him. The latter starts belly-aching some weak excuses as to why he was unable to pay him back as the camera then pans down to his new Nike sneakers.