Funny: Class Act

  • Principal Kratz's selecting a baseball bat to fend himself off against the juvenile delinquent present in his office.
  • Duncan trying to scoot away from Damita who kept scooting closer to him. Followed by Wedge and Popsicle doing the same action.
  • Popsicle trying to force a frog to lick candy.
  • Throughout the movie, Blade says Duncan's last name every way possible except for "Pinderhughes." Though of course this is mostly due to him being a jerk.
    Blade: It's me! Duncan Pincushion!
    Duncan: *sighs heavily* It's Pinderhughes...
  • Blade trying to teach Duncan how to dance.
  • Duncan with new found confidence meeting Blade at a club and showing him up by being obnoxious.
  • Popsicle finding out that Blade (i.e. Duncan) is the genius, and then cries about it.
  • Mr. John Pinderhughes excited about finding out about the odd noises, it is Duncan and Damita having sex... instead of Duncan and Blade, as he feared he would eventually discover.
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