Funny: Cinematic Titanic

  • From East Meets Watts:
    • When Larry first gets off his ship:
      Thug: Go back to China!
      Trace: But I'm from Sweden!
    • The group Spit Take, especially when Josh has bad aim and spits all over the back of Frank's head.
    • Wei Chin: Why look so puzzled, my brother?
      Joel: Because you used to sit on my head and make Lo Mein farts?
      *Cue Frank and Mary absolutely losing it*
  • From The Alien Factor:
    • Quoth Mary Jo, "Torgo Music just doesn't work without Torgo."
    • After Ben and the mayor find an alien that gives Ben its dying message via telepathy:
      Mayor: Are you all right?
      Trace: No! I just got purple mind porked by an alien! No, I'm not all right!
    • After Pete has a chat with Mary Jane:
      Trace: That was a date. I was on an actual date! Whahahaha- *Pete looks down* Uh oh...
      *Cue Frank again absolutely losing it*
    • When Zachary is fighting the Lemoid, which looks like a giant energy lizard.
      Mary Jo: Okay, okay, I'll switch to Geico!
  • From Danger on Tiki Island
    • When Esteban tells the story of how his wife died.
      Esteban: She had a fever-
      Frank: (Barely containing laughter) For the flavor of Pringles!
    • There is the continuation of the Running Gag from MST3K wherein a Jump Scare is often met with the riffers shouting "Surprise!" and singing Happy Birthday, and this particular instance is perhaps the Most Triumphant Example across every riffing medium.

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