Funny / Chasing Amy

  • During the panel where Hooper X speaks, there is a white writer clutching his briefcase in mortal terror of Hooper X, and is even named 'Bryan White'.
  • "What's a Nubian?" "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"
  • The Ship-to-Ship Combat between Hooper and Banky involving Archie Comics.
  • The "Four Way Road" speech.
    • Made even better by this comment:
    My male-affectionate, easy to get along with, non-political agenda lesbian friend laughed her ass off at this scene.
  • Hooper and a young fan of his staring Holden down as "The Man".
  • Alyssa and Banky's Volleying Insults. "Fuck you." "Not even if you let me videotape it."
  • Banky bemoaning how he never got a chance to hook up with a Catholic school girl as a kid.
    "[A]s it stands now, I have no stories that include the line "...and then I removed her jumper."
  • Let's not forget how the movie was originally released on Laserdisc, and Kevin Smith opened the commentary by saying "Fuck DVD." When the commentary was reused for the DVD release, Smith recorded a special intro where he claimed Jason Mewes said that, not him.
  • When he chastises Alyssa for wanting to have sex with a woman who's not her girlfriend...
    Alyssa: I bet you don't love every girl you have sex with.
    Banky: Some I downright loath.