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Funny: Charlie Chaplin
  • Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times in the first factory sequence when the pressures of that inhuman factory floor get too much and the Tramp goes berserk like a loony ballet dancer throwing the plant into chaos.
  • Chaplin has so many moments to choose from, but for me it's got to be the Mutual short, "The Adventurer", when fugitive Chaplin scribbles over his mugshot in a paper, and the police think it's antagonist Eric Campbell. It's so ridiculous it's brilliant.
  • Gold Rush. The Tramp is stuck in a cabin during a blizzard with two huge mountain men: as tensions run high, the two come to blows, and end up spinning in circles as they grapple for a shotgun - the barrel of which follows Chaplin all over the cabin as he tries to find cover. Watching Chaplin practically climb the ceiling to get away from a seemingly-sentient shotgun is just awesome.
  • The boxing fight in City Lights, with the Tramp keeping the referee between himself and the other boxer for the whole match, occasionally reaching over to take potshots at him.
  • He once participated in an look-alike contest. The person they had to be similar to? Charlie Chaplin. He didn't even make it to the finals.
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