Funny / Charby the Vampirate

The comic started out as a series of gags and hasn't lost the humor just because it picked up a plot.
  • Charby keeps a spray bottle full of water to scold Menu with on full moon nights rather like how many people try to dissuade their cats from misbehaving.
  • As soon as Tony and Charby finish discussing how they are going to sit back and watch a werewolf and hunter fight and avoid drawing any attention to themselves Zeno comes up behind them and helpfully warns the hunter that there's a werewolf behind him while altering both to their position:
    Mister human look behind you, a WEREWOLF!!!
  • Zerlocke working on a potion to make Menu sane during the full moon and discovering it only makes him look human, doing nothing for his sanity or usual lack of pants.
  • In retaliation for Menu constantly getting into his food and eating it Tony licked the cheese off a bunch of cheese puffs and put them back in the bag. Menu ate them thinking they were just stale.