Funny / Change 123

Well, there's...

  • Hibiki asking a girl who's just threatened Kosukegawa at a public pool why she has a ring puzzle in her belly button.
  • When Kosukegawa gets bitten by a viper in... a very embarrassing place. And, consequently, the "we must Suck Out the Poison" situation and its aftermath. He wasn't even bitten there, the viper just barely missed it.
  • During the cultural festival, Motoko is seen by a bunch of people who saw the subculture club's film and gets swarmed for autographs. She freaks out, runs away, and falls down a flight of stairs, triggering Hibiki to land safely... and flashes the crowd in the process. Hibiki works up the courage to go back, but when she sees the crowd chanting "Panties...beige...panties..." and advancing like zombies, she freaks out and runs away, complete with Road Runner-style Wheel o' Feet.
  • When dealing with some Yakuza thugs, Hibiki forces a guy to fall on a samurai sword, which causes irreparable damage to his family jewels. She later meets him in the hospital to apologize, but he responds by threatening to come after her when he gets out. Cue her flashing him, causing a certain object to expand and tear out its stitches! Zoom out to an agonised scream!
  • Fusion?
  • Kyoutenmaru keeping watch over the local "cattle" (Kosukegawa's mom).