Funny / Castlevania: Chronicles of Sorrow

  • Every time Hammer is around, of course... especially when Mina gets scared upon her first sight of him, calling him "the man with thousands of weapons".
    • Doubles as a reference to Musashibo Benkei. Sadly, Lost in Translation in the dub, though they worked in a pretty good running gag of everyone thinking Hammer's nuts to run a weapons shop in Dracula's Castle.
  • Making Dmitrii absorb a nearly-useless soul can be pretty entertaining as well, and turns the fight with him into a joke.
  • Some of the enemy descriptions in Aria, such as Lubicant: "Always angry demon of Hell. Not enough calcium in its diet."
  • The depictation of Excalibur as The Sword Still In The Stone. Soma's somehow strong enough to swing it with the stone still stuck on.
  • Spam crouch rapidly. Soma will look like he's rocking an epic Air Guitar solo.
  • There is a room in the Arena with a fountain where a Succubus and a Lilith have apparently been bathing. They have a rubber ducky.
  • One of the rooms in Aria has nothing but a single Killer Fish left upside down out of water, and nothing else. No water, no items, just a single fish out of water.