Funny / CarnEvil

  • The zombified employees of the food court will sometimes make offensive gestures from time to time. The phrases they say are also hilarious. And they even fling carnival food around.
    "This guy needs a mop!"
    "Clean up on aisle seven!"
  • In the final level, during the shoot-out with the Mad Scientist clowns: In the background, you can see their chalkboard...which is emblazoned with the phrase "Umlaut is a Kiss-Ass!" among various equations and drawings of a brain. Guess the player isn't the only one who hates him, huh?
    • Also in the final level, there are three dressing rooms of descendant size. The biggest one has a dwarf clown inside, the middle one has Betty, and the last one explodes when a hulking clown emerges. Which then attacks you with a squeaky mallet.
  • Anyone who doesn't like mimes will enjoy mowing down the mimes who just seem to get in the way.
  • The Spanish-speaking imps:
    "¡Oh, mi cabeza!"
    "¡Hola! Me llamo Muertito."
    "¡Andale, andale, arriba!"
  • Tökkentäkker's Gratuitous German during the Final Battle. Made even better by the voice actor throwing subtlety completely out the window.
  • Speaking of Tökkentäkker, it turns out he has a certain plan for the protagonist... to cut out his brain and put in a gorilla with machine guns for arms. Really.
  • "Come on and ride! Big Bunyan Ride! We'll ride and ride! Into the night! YOU WILL SCREAM AND CRY AND THEN YOU'LL DIE! (Then you'll die, then you'll die, then you'll die...)"