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Funny: Carn Evil
  • In the final level, during the shoot-out with the Mad Scientist clowns: In the background, you can see their chalkboard...which is emblazoned with the phrase "Umlaut is a Kiss-Ass!" among various equations and drawings of a brain. Guess the player isn't the only one who hates him, huh?
    • Also in the final level, there are three dressing rooms of descendant size. The biggest one has a dwarf clown inside, the middle one has Betty, and the last one explodes when a hulking clown emerges. Which then attacks you with a squeaky mallet.
  • Tokkentaker's Gratuitous German during the Final Battle. Made even better by the voice actor throwing subtlety completely out the window.
  • Speaking of Tokkentaker, it turns out he has a certain plan for the protagonist... to cut out his brain and put in a gorilla with a machine-gun arm. Really.
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