Funny / Carmen Sandiego

  • The animations of the Acme Good Guides capturing the criminals in the 1996 World and USA games.
    • Rock Solid rolls a log over the perp, making him/her Squashed Flat.
    • Dee Plomassy just points at the perp, and a mob zips in and lynches them.
    • V.I.L.E.'s bumbling agents (RoboCrook, Carmine the cat, and the janitor ICK Brothers) in the same games, who show up whenever you are making progress in the case. Their antics are enough to make one wonder what could possibly motivate Carmen to continue employing them,
  • Carmen Sandiego: Word Detective:
    Carmen: [to crook] Take these keys and hide them, and not under your pillow like the last time.
  • In Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?/Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time, you can do a number of things to annoy the NPCs you're with, such as botching up the mummification process in the Egypt level, using Gutenberg's printing press without putting any ink on in the Germany level and generally be as much of a trouble for them as the villain you're trying to capture!