Funny / Captain Blood

  • "And the whale came, and the whale ate Jonah...I hope."
  • Arabella, finding Peter at the Governor's palace, meanwhile Bishop returns and is arrested and Lord Willoughby is awesome when he tells him that the new Governor will decide whether he'll be hanged or not. Bishop goes to find Arabella "pleading for his life" with the new Governor, only to find that he is Peter Blood! Who of course greets him with a smile and a "Good morning, Uncle."
  • Happens briefly after Peter wants to take his crew to Port Royale where a nasty vengeful governor and the entire english fleet is waiting to string them up. I liked how ole Honesty Nuttall pipes up during the confrontation.
    Nuttall: Hurray for our side!
  • The slave boy who is forced to follow Governor Bishop around and fan him is a pretty hilarious actor for someone with no lines. The expressions he makes in some scenes while Bishop is talking are priceless.