Funny / C.O.P.S.

TV Series

  • In one episode, the Tampa Bay Police Department does a sting operation against local prostitutes, with a police officer disguised as a john. What do they make this officer dress up as? A clown. Coco The Clown, to be specific. And it's obvious he's having fun with the role, at one point offering a prostitute "clown money" and balloon animals as payment.
  • In one episode, a woman and her son call the police because another, stoned woman is harassing the son because she thinks he is a drug dealer. The mother vehemently argues that she doesn't sell drugs... because she's a prostitute.
  • "Dunga do balls" - a woman so drunk she can barely speak. This actually made it to The Soup.
  • Another episode had a man call in to report a theft of money from his home. The officers arrive, only to find a venerable forest of pot plants all over the home and the surrounding yard, along with a scale with cocaine residue. Obviously a drug dealer, the man was calling the cops because one of his customers ripped him off. He legitimately didn't think that the cops could arrest him for all the drugs if they were coming to help him recover his drug money.
  • Any time the cops have to get out the tasers for suspects that just don't get the point of being arrested, like the man in his underwear in a Carl's Jr., or the guy in the Cincinnati apartment that just kept goading the police into giving him the shock after twenty minutes of useless negotiation to keep him away from somebody else.
  • At first this appears to be a heroic police officer rescuing a homeowner from her burning house, desperately trying to get her attention by busting out the windows. That is, until he's told that the house next to it is the one on fire. In the end, they all had a good laugh, and the homeowner was still grateful despite her broken windows.
  • An officer chases a motorcycle and gets caught on train tracks. What sells it, is the reaction of the officer as he keeps hearing the horns of trains coming down the tracks, only for them to turn once they get near to the stuck car and the teasing by his fellow officers.
  • "I'll get you, bitch" - In season 24 an officer is faced with a man who won't follow his orders to sit on the ground. When the man starts arguing the officer pulls out his taser and fires. The man's reaction is to ignore the taser shot and the officer standing right in front of him and threaten his wife.
  • Season 28 Episode 8 - An officer comes upon a drunk driver sleeping in her car in the middle of the road. After a brief chase the drunk driver is pulled from the car revealing her shirt says "I woke up like dis."
  • Cops stop a nude bicyclist who is protesting global warming. One officer tells him that the nudity will distract from his message.
  • A drunk driver gets pulled over, and claims his friend "Scooby" was driving, not him. The cops don't buy the story, and one of them points out that he is making up an imaginary friend so that he doesn't get busted.

C.O.P.S. Cartoon show
  • In the Big Boss birthday episode, Berserko comes up with a very dumb idea to steal the city's bridge as a present. When Big Boss finds out, he yells out "Berserko, you nincompoop!" so loud that Berserko hears it halfway across the city.