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Funny: Butter Cream Gang

The Butter Cream Gang

  • Beware the longwinded speech!
    Scott: We're picking up some things for Mrs. Jenkins.
    Mr. Graff: Oh, Butter Cream business. Did I ever tell you boys that my great-grandfather was one of the first Butter Creamers?
    Eldon: Yes, about a thou...
    Mr. Graff: It was in the early days of the town...
    • He goes on like this for a while, you get the idea.

The Butter Cream Gang, Secret of Treasure Mountain

  • Just about every scene with the two stooges Maggot and Mugfat (or their lookalike ancestors) is a moment of funny.
    • While they are attempting to steal the map from the school. Jesse is trying to point out to Margaret boys are a waste of time (she hasn't gotten to the liking boys faze).
    Jesse: It's just that, boys are weird.
    Margaret: What do you mean?
    (Maggot comes running out of the lab with a stuffed Mouse head on his own head)
    Jesse: (casually) Like that.
  • At one point Eldon tries to work a lemonade stand. It doesn't end well... He does try to look on the bright side.
    Eldon: I lost thirty dollars.
    Lanny: How's that good news?
    Eldon: I thought it was thirty eight.

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