Funny / Bunheads

  • "I think I stole a dog."
  • "Paper vs Plastic"
  • Sasha's attempt to order a drink at the Oyster Bar.
  • Michelle is teaching a class of young (roughly 5-6 year olds) girls and they go off for potty breaks while Michelle talks to Boo about her schedule. Suddenly one of them runs screaming out of the bathroom with her tutu on her head.
    • "I should probably look into that."
  • Almost everything associated with Davis, the incompetent one-eyed plumber.
    • "We use him to keep an eye on things. That's our little joke, because he only has one eye to look at our things with."
    • "I was dry-humping a plumber in the dance studio. There's nothing delicate about this."
  • The girls bursting into tears in the dance studio in "For Fanny."
  • Michelle finds the leak in the changing room, and tries to call Fanny for help, but the call goes to voicemail, so Michelle leaves a message where she ends up doing a hilarious impression of how the conversation would go even if Fanny had answered the phone.
  • Melanie: She was Black Swan before you took her Ginger Rogers
    Ginny: Now that makes her DEFCON-Swan.
  • "Now why the hell are we here?" "Bingo!" "Free puppies!" "Sound of Music Singalong!"
    • "Yeah, aren't we the dumb ones, Brigitta?"
  • The girls running Sasha's scheme to get four seats together for "Mountain of Arms" in "Movie Truck," including Melanie being tall, Ginny trying to scare an old person, Sasha flirting, and Boo somehow ending up with a baby.
    • In particular, the thrilling conclusion, in which it looks like they've failed at the last moment when Melanie does the one thing Sasha wouldn't have thought of - politely asking someone to move.
  • "Oh, you're SO wise! So tall and so, so wise!"
  • The reactions to the Ringer. "If Marvel Comics had a crime-fighting ballerina, this ballerina would kick that ballerina's ass!"
  • The girls spending three hours helping Michelle dry out the carpet. "Last semester, I had to read No Exit and I didn't understand it but I do now!"
  • (Although the outcome of it would most likely go under Tear Jerker) The scene where Michelle accidentally pepper sprays the girls. Especially Fanny's desperate attempt to save the situation and The Ringer dancing her routine amid the chaos as if everything was normal.
  • The Ringer: Ever put ground glass in a rival's toeshoes?
    Sasha: No
    The Ringer: Huh.
    What makes it truly funny is that it doesn't come across as the Ringer trying to be intimidating but that this is apparently her idea of casual, friendly conversation.
  • Truly evolving mid-season into a complete Cloudcuckoolander. Especially her building a complete mockup of a kitchen in a cardbord box complete with working electric lights.
    • Bare in mind this is not a cardboard box inside the house where she can easily access wiring or plugs. This is a 5x5x5 box in the middle of the yard. And she didn't just drag an extension cord out...
    • Also she got the idea for the kitchen during a dream involving gerbils.
  • "It's time to dance!"
  • Sasha handing Boo a broom.
  • "I'm not talking to myself here, Roman!"
  • "Hulk watch table."
  • Boo taking Jordan down a notch, acting like a mother with a bratty child. Also qualifies as a Moment of Awesome.
  • In "It's Not a Mint", Bash and Michelle are forced to act as co-captains when half the town is threatened by a forest fire and the ballet studio is being used as a shelter. While briefing the ever mature Michelle on their duties, Bash hands over a walkie-talkie which leads to the following hilarious exchange;
    • Bash (hands over a walkie-talkie): So we can communicate. We're co-captains, and communication is vital.
      Michelle (takes it from him): Okay.
      Bash (begins to speak again): So it's important...
      Michelle (immediately starts shouting into her walkie-talkie): FIRE TORPEDOES! FIRE TORPEDOES!
      Bash (exasperated): use it responsibly because it's not a toy!
  • The silent communication between the girls and Michelle about the condom in "It's Not a Mint."
  • Sasha: "I've been thinking a lot about this, and I think we should have sex - now."
  • Boo: "With each other?"
  • "You two are the horndogs. We have 'spinster buddy comedy' written all over us." Which is an example of being Wrong Genre Savvy as it's revealed at the end of the episode that Ginny is the first of the girls to have had sex
  • Melanie just reaching out in passing, grabbing the hair of her brother's ex and slinging her to the ground. Ginny's freak out makes it better.
  • Fanny finds Michelle's brother, Scottie, asleep on the couch. She grabs an award and yells at him, the guy waking up to see her. "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"